Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Donald Trump Dom

Okay, don't get grossed out on me. I don't mean, literally, Donald Trump for a dominant. Combovers are never sexy in a D/s scene. Okay...rarely sexy. I actually know some guys who could pull it off...hmmm...but I digress... Ahem...

Back on topic. I'm writing today about one of the "tropes" of BDSM fiction -- the successful, powerful, and mind-numbingly wealthy dominant. When you think about it, the "successful and wealthy dominant" trope isn't so far fetched. Dominants need to be assertive and organized to be good at scening with subs. They need to have a certain mojo that compels submissives to obey. These are the same kind of skills that serve people well in work situations. I mean, I personally can't picture an insecure, unemployed man as a dominant. But does that mean every dominant should be a high-ranking businessman, exacting boss, powerful lawyer, or an otherwise top-of-his-or-her-field type person? Now and again I'll hear a complaint about it. Why is every dominant in BDSM books rich and successful? It's not realistic.

That's probably true. But out of all the dominants I've written, the ones people write to me about most are Matthew of Mercy and Jeremy of Comfort Object. I frequently hear "Matthew pressed all my buttons," or "Jeremy was an ass but he got me so hot." I think a lot of the attraction is that both men are just filthy rich and very successful at their careers. Matthew is an uber-rich developer. In my mind, it lends him some kind of authoritative bouquet that colors everything he does in life (and turns me on). Jeremy is a mega-movie star. Sure, he's an ass, but he's a movie star and so we accept that he does these outrageous things to Nell. It becomes a guilty pleasure, rather than us saying "Ugh, he sucks!" as we would in real life. (Although, admittedly, some readers thought Jeremy sucked.)

I guess my point is that it's a trope for a reason. We might notice there are a lot of very rich, very successful, "Donald Trump"-style doms roving around BDSM fiction land. But I for one melt at the knees for a super successful dominant. The richer and more demanding, the better. Even a combover can be overlooked when the dominant is good at taking -- and keeping -- control.


  1. Hey Annabel! I'd say yummy doms come in many flavours, not all of them in suits.

    Rich-man fetishes aren't confined to bdsm-land. But I personally find well-worn jeans a whole lot more sexy than gabardine. And work muscles more sexy than gym muscles. (This is less a blue-collar fetish than a left-wing fetish; how it reconciles with a thing for tall, lean intellectuals I don't know.) I'd say that innate power can shine through at any socioeconomic level. I'm also a little wary of any dom who has it too easy in life. What do you think?