Monday, March 28, 2011

Kink Monday - Spanking

Ahh...spanking. It was the gateway to harder pleasures for many of us. I know I began my kinky journey poring over the pages of Shadow Lane magazines and catalogs. This was before the age of the internet. I sent away for my first issue using an address I found buried in the back of a Cosmo magazine. I was absolutely transported by those stern spankos wielding belts, paddles, and hairbrushes, and the red bottoms that resulted.

Fast forward twenty years later. I still enjoy the Shadow Lane website, and I still enjoy a good old-fashioned spanking. There are a thousand ways to spank, and a thousand ways to enjoy a spanking. There's something about the vulnerability of giving yourself over to have your bottom tortured. There are so many implements to use, so many positions to be placed in. So many reasons...serious or trumped be disciplined this way.

Often, in my books, over the knee (sometimes called OTK) spankings are reserved for moments of great emotion or re-connection. This is perhaps the most intimate form of spanking. The bottom is placed over the top's lap, body against body, and the spanking is often done by hand. When my tops and bottoms are reconnecting they usually use hand spanking rather than a hairbrush or some other implement. Hand spanking is so intimate. A kind of joining and connection that is painful, yes, but powerful. And I suppose in a hand spanking, the top receives his own sensation -- a stinging, warmed hand. My husband often trades off hand spanking with implements, because, of course, the spanking is supposed to hurt me, not him.

Spanking is a great fetish because there are so many possible ways to do it, and so much intimacy in the act between two people. The nice red bottom and lingering spank marks are just the icing on the cake...

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