Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alpha Males vs. Doms vs. Masters vs. Owners

I've been thinking about the men of kink lately.

Okay, here's the deal. I need a hero. I DESPERATELY need a hero to inspire me to write his story. My choices are so overwhelming though. What really turns me on?

A master or owner is kind of the most extreme "D" type. At least I think of them that way. They tend to have the intricate rituals, the protocols, the demands for extreme submission.

Then you have a dominant, which is more a description than anything else. I've always been drawn to writing dominants, just because there seemed to be more latitude about what kind of person they could be. They could be any type of person in real life, but put on this dominant persona and become "Sir" or "Master" or whatever floated their boat. I tend to shy away from writing masters and owners, just because it seemed like such a rigid role. have a little leeway.

But lately, I've become interested in writing an alpha male. Not a Master or Dominant or anything BDSM related. Just a very demanding, intense, sexually voracious male who may or may not do BDSM-type things to his woman depending on his mood. He may or may not negotiate in a traditional BDSM way. He most certainly would not scene down at the local club. A lot of what's been going through my mind lately has been men like this.

I don't know though. It seems like the alpha male is the least delineated hero-type of all, and thus most likely to disappoint readers who expect a BDSM-defined hero. In the end though, I guess I have to write whatever hero comes to me...when he comes to me.

Do you have a preference in what type of kink hero you read? Why or why not?


  1. I didn't like Jeremy much at all when we first met him, but now looking back, I think he may be my favorite Dom as far as power exchange activities went. His unapologetic "this is what I like and this is what I expect, and you can stay and put up with it or leave, no one is forcing you to stay" attitude just flat out worked for me.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Mephisto find his happily ever after, though I have a feeling it would take at least two people to satisfy him, one of each gender. And both of them would have to be able to take a lot from him. I would love to see that sequel.

    I can be happy with either the Master type or the Domly type - it's their personality and ability to be both kind and cruel that makes me like them, I think. Not so much the extent of power exchange they prefer.

    Nalini Singh writes a good Alpha Male with no BDSM. But, most of the Alpha Males are were-leopards, with a big part of the cat personality in their personality. They are in charge in the bedroom, even though there is no formal power exchange. They just are, no doubt about it.

  2. I would like a story about a man who doesn't have to be using anything other than the strength of his personality to put his partners over the top, but he enjoys BDSM so he adds/drops it into the relationship at his discretion. Not knowing when that aspect might kick in helps keep his female and male partners just off base enough to heighten the already jazzed-up enjoyment of their sexuality.