Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to Sindra van Yssel, Qwillia Rain, and Fallon Blake!

Wow, it seems like only yesterday (March 12, actually) that we were throwing that first post out there and hoping readers and kink romance fans would find us here. In the last couple of weeks, Kinky Ever After seems to have exploded in activity. We are enjoying your comments and participation so much, and many thanks to everyone who's helped spread the word.

Along with that new activity, we are so pleased to have added three new authors to our kinky fold. Ms. Sindra has been with us for a couple weeks now, and you will see posts by Qwillia and Fallon coming up very soon.

That makes six Kinky Ever After authors, and we hope to keep the fascinating (and titillating) conversations about kink rolling for many months to come.

And if you haven't checked out the books of Sindra van Yssel, Qwillia Rain, and Fallon Blake yet, we hope you will. You can find links to their latest releases over on the sidebar.

We are so excited to have their voices on the blog!