Monday, May 2, 2011

Kink Monday - 1950's Household

I'm following up last Monday's Domestic Discipline post with a 1950's Household post, since the two are somewhat related. In kink circles, you will often find the DD (domestic discipline) and TIH (Taken in Hand) folks hanging out with the 1950's crowd, just because they are all more or less throwback kinks. In fact, I tried to get a DD/TIH/1950's group going in my hometown but apparently there just aren't many people practicing this kink where I live. Or perhaps it's just that these home-based dynamics are just very private for people. I know I couldn't imagine my husband carrying out a DD style lecture and punishment as part of a play party. But I digress...

1950's Household is more a social than sexual fetish. It basically involves the playing of "traditional" gender roles. In a 1950's dynamic, the man is the head of the household, and the woman is generally playing at housewife under his domain. The nice thing about 1950's is that you can do it tongue-in-cheek if you wish. You can do it just for a while, and then return to equitable roles when you feel like it -- unlike actual 1950's housewives, who probably were grabbing a drink behind the china cabinet now and again to deal with their subservient lives.

In modern-day 1950's play, the woman chooses to be submissive and serve her husband. The man can choose to be the man of the house, bring home the bacon, and do all the manly tasks around the house. The woman may wear an apron, full makeup, high heels, and whip up a casserole before greeting her husband at the door. Clothes are fun to play with in this dynamic. The woman might only be permitted to wear dresses. The man should certainly wear at least a tie so he can loosen it when he gets home.

When my husband and I play 1950's, a lot of the fun comes from the housewife rebelling against the husband or doing a shoddy job on the ironing or cooking. Of course, this kind of willful housewifely behavior must be nipped in the bud with a good over the knee spanking or a belting over the sofa. The tie comes in handy again! Great for tying up the "wife."

I put "wife" in quotes because any fun-loving kink couple can play 1950's for an evening or even a weekend while the kids are a grandma's. You don't have to be married! Some couples may choose to live 1950's as more of a 24/7 dynamic. The wife literally stays home and keeps house. The couple may stay in their roles the majority of the time, if those roles are comfortable to them.

Overall, 1950's is just a fun way to explore traditional "retro" gender roles and play with stereotypes, while working in a spanking or two. If you are looking for new scene ideas as a Dom/sub couple, you may find 1950's a real adventure. Bonus points for going to vintage thrift shops and getting some period attire!