Monday, May 23, 2011

Kink Monday - Impregnation fantasy

What's that you say? You didn't know people fetishized pregnancy? I didn't either, once upon a time. As I journeyed deeper into the fetish world, I came to learn that pregnancy and pregnant women can be a very strong fantasy for some, particularly males.

When I wrote my book Mercy, one of the most controversial scenes involves the hero impregnating the heroine. It just so happens that in Mercy, the impregnation is non-consensual. This too is a fetish for some, as I was to discover when people started to write to me about their feelings for that scene. Some of them were outraged -- literally spitting mad -- that he would do such a thing to the heroine. Others saw the forced impregnation as the ultimate sign of male dominance, and guiltily confessed that it got them hot.

I can certainly understand the latter view. Honestly, I find the scene hot too, a fantasy. I think most who fetishize pregnancy and "breeding" do so in a fantasy sense. For a dominant, what can be more powerful than creating a life in another person? For a submissive, what can be more exciting than being a vessel for bearing the child of your master? Okay, sure, that sounds kind of sick. After all, the result of this fetish, a child concieved, is a non-consenting participant.

Once on Fetlife, I came across a thread by a master concerning "breeder slaves." He was asking Do you have one? Have you fantasized about breeding your slaves? Half the respondents were like, ooh, that's hot. And the other half were basically saying You are a sick f*ck!

But that's the nature of kink. Sometimes we fantasize about things we would never actually do. Sometimes we fetishize things just because they're beyond the pale, or because they tap into some elemental base desire of human animals. In reality, we are too civilized to go around knocking up everyone we love just to show our power over them.

But is it a hot thing to fantasize about? What do you think?


  1. I think it's a hot thing to fantasize about. It's a bit more prevalent on the BDSM story websites. Turning women into breeding slaves is popular, especially if the woman was a corporate executive . The point of each was to break the woman and have her in the man's control. Generally fisting is involved. There are stories of just pregnant ladies getting banged too. There are ones with young girls too.

  2. I never thought getting pregnant was sexy until I got married. The idea of my husband deciding to impregnate me and being that much in control is definitely exciting.

  3. Honestly, that fantasy doesn't really do anything for me. If anything, it throws me out of the hotness because then I start thinking, "Oh, aching back, heartburn, no sleep, etc." I don't think it's a sick fantasy, or anything, it's just not for me.

  4. At one time this was a big fantasy of mine. After going through pregnancy twice, it's not so much anymore. I agree with Amber - when I think of pregnancy, I think about terrible heartburn and aching hips when I'm trying to sleep (though my kids were worth it!).

    ~ Diana

  5. I wouldn't want to deny anyone the right to fantasize about anything, and I think that this one is biologically built in -- it might even be too vanilla to be a fetish. However, if in a book (or elsewhere) people are intentionally creating a pregnancy because it's "hot" or for some reason other than because they wish to cherish the child that results, I'm not going to like those people.

  6. I agree with Sindra. I haven't read Mercy, but I can't imagine a character who impregnates a woman for the purpose of domination to be easily redeemable at all. It would be very, very tough. The man would have to go through a serious personality change, or have a major epiphany, or something along those lines.

  7. Okay, blogger won't let me sign in, but this is Annabel talking...

    Well, in Mercy it wasn't overtly a domination was a strategy he used (suggested by her gay partner!) to get her to stop dancing before she destroyed herself. With that said, I'm sure some power play factored into it.

    There are stories out there where impregnation (sometimes forced) is depicted as an act of dominance--there was one in the Master/slave short story collection by Morley. Men can impregnate women but women can't impregnate men--I think for men that can be a very powerful line of thought.

    I was particularly entertained by what La Crimson Femme said about many of the women in impregnation fantasy being corporate executives. That totally makes sense! I think a lot of the impregnation/breeding kink taps into men's longing for what they had before the feminist movement. The woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, while he (the man) is the unchallenged king of his domain, both at work and at home. It's very animalistic and biological in a way, but we are too civilized to behave in this way anymore. But I think some men, deep down inside, still wish for that old way of life.

    And I have to laugh about the pregnancy comments. That's what I replied to the guy who started the "breeder slaves" thread. I was like, do you have any IDEA what pregnant women are like to live with? What newborns are like? The effect they have on parent's sex lives? Get real! LOL.

  8. For most, it's not actually about having a kid. It's the motions of breeding that rile both men and women up. Having no beerier between the two while a man marks up his female in the most intimate of ways; with his own seed. Having that domination, and intimacy - forced or no - wrapped in one is a why most enjoy having a breeding kink, and exploiting it.