Monday, May 16, 2011

Kink Mondays: Chastity Belts

Here’s a real speciality item! No, they aren’t just in cartoons about knights going off to the crusades with a key to their ladies’ virtue. They really exist, honest!

A few weeks ago I wrote a kink Monday post about teasing and denial. Chastity belts take this concept to another level. Teasing and denial doesn’t have to include a d/s dynamic-- it can be a mutually-agreed-upon game or even a solitary activity – but when it is part of a power exchange relationship, some bondage may apply.

Perving on relevant sites has convinced me that the vast majority of those engaged in teasing and denial make use of firm orders and willpower rather than locks and keys. But there is a minority that prefers reinforcement with hardware. I suspect that most cb aficionados are also big on bondage devices generally, especially those made of metal. Shackles, chains, padlocks and other dungeonware; implacable instruments that make it all feel very real and scary. What could be more real and scary than tight metal locking up one’s most sensitive bits, with someone else holding the key?

There are so-called chastity belts made of leather, intended for brief play use, and these are no doubt fun for an hour or two. But the real thing is designed for longer-term wear, allowing for natural functions, bathing and concealment under clothes. Real long-term bondage, while walking around like a normal person! Of course, such devices have to be carefully fitted, and are very expensive, but a number of manufacturers have come (and gone) who design and sell them. CB discussion boards are obsessed with their tiniest technical detail. Need I say that these boards are almost entirely populated by men? By male subs, I should say. The thought of handing power over their very male paraphernalia to someone else seems to rock their boats in a serious way.

In contrast, the market for female chastity belts is quite limited. It’s not that the idea has no appeal. But once again we are doomed by our anatomy. It’s perfectly possible to prevent full erections in men, and preventing male orgasms is on the tricky side but apparently not impossible. On a woman, the most you can manage is to prevent intercourse, and make orgasm difficult. Oh, yeah, and it looks cool.

The whole idea can be a turn-on, and a fascinating bit of power exchange. It’s in both my books in a big way. Realizing the fantasy is a tricky bugger, however, requiring much disposable income, patience and a really obsessive determination to lock or be locked.

A Google search will turn up many a site and pervy pic, if you’re curious. The oldest site on the net on the subject is at, though I think the pictures are down (and yes, the fact that my own site shares a server is not a coincidence). I’m guessing my own particular obsession looks pretty fringe and freaky. Tell me, does the idea ring anyone else’s bells?


  1. I'll admit I spent awhile recently looking up female chastity belts. They were a little underwhelming. Then I looked at the guy ones and decided I'm glad to be a woman; some of those look very intimidating!

  2. I WANT TO BE LOCKED IN CHASTITY!! I really do. But I know the moment I was, I would be begging to get out and throwing red flags all over the place.

    But to me this is a super super super hot fantasy.

  3. Don't know if anyone is going to come back and look a comments here... But, I thought about this long and hard for a porn story I was in the middle of doodling. Yes, I write porn, not stories, not erotic, not anything what you all do so well. I just write dark or taboo sex scenes for friends that want to ... er, hmm, play with themselves?

    This one I've been noodling for a friend also covers denial of orgasm for a woman. Chastity belts are easy as far as preventing insertion. Kind of boring really - although a pussy corset is quite lovely. But how to stop an orgasm? Well there is the obvious clitoral removal. (very popular in porn written by men about cheating wives/girlfriends) There is also the more interesting clit shield installed so that there there isn't a way to rub the clit. I haven't ever really figured out how this one worked. I do remember reading a book where they actually burst the clit and said after many months, it would heal itself. This really got me thinking...(as body modification is a dirty little deviance of mine)

    What if the clit was inject with botox? The whole point of botox is to lesson the nerves from communicating with the brain. Wouldn't it work in this way? So...that's how I'm doing it in my little porn scene - along with a pussy corset. The poor gal is only getting anal which she loathes.