Monday, June 20, 2011

Kink Monday: Tens Units


I'm a wimp when it comes to electricity. I've tried electricity - electrodes hooked up to me and then given juice by someone who knows what they are doing. Twice, but never again. It's now a hard limit. I've tried Violet Wands more than twice, because there are so many people who just love what they do... but my skin is apparently not capable of turning it into pleasure. Thus, another hard limit.

But Tens Units? Ahhh, those are a different story entirely. The sensation can feel like electricity, but it can also be a buzzing vibration instead of the sharp knife of straight electricity. It can also be made to just feel like the muscle underneath is flexing, and not feel like electricity at all. By using that effect, it is possible to make you feel as if you are being fucked, when nothing is touching you. You can take it one step further and hook it up to a butt plug made for a TENS and you can literally feel as if you are being fucked in the ass, when nothing is moving. Well, nothing except for your muscles.

Tens stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and the definition of Transcutaneous is basically "across the depth of the skin". In other words, the electricity is staying on the skin and not sinking in where it could be dangerous. There are people who advise against using them above the waist, but my husband has had a valve replaced in his heart and I asked his cardiologist if we could use the tens unit on his back for back pain - right over his heart - and was told 'no problem'. If it's no problem in someone who has had heart surgery then surely it's no problem for someone with a healthy heart. However, with that being said, we still don't cross the electricity from one nipple to the other, we put a positive and negative on each nipple to contain the electricity there, just to be doubly safe.

Tens units were originally used as pain management. You can put the electrodes in a pattern around what hurts and trick the nerve cells into not sending pain messages to your brain. They originally cost thousands of dollars and could only be obtained through a doctor, but today you can buy the base models for around $20 and the more advanced models for around $30. The unit pictured is a five mode model that sells for $31.50 with free shipping.

So how do you use something intended for pain management as a sex toy? It seems like there is a huge learning curve at first, but there doesn't have to be. Here are some things to remember:

  • Using large pads puts the jolt over a large surface, small pads over a small surface. Both have their uses. Start with the pads that come with it, play around with them, and then decide what kind you want to buy next. Generally speaking, the smaller the electrode the more intense it can be.
  • You may have to play around with the pattern. Try two electrodes to start, positive on one side and negative on the other, adjust them so there is a horizontal line running right across the body part you are targeting, and then go through all of the modes and a lot of different power levels. Try it again so that the line is diagonal, see if it feels different.
  • There are a couple of ways to use four electrodes around a single point. By using the positive and negative pads you can adjust them so there is a line of electricity running horizontal above and another line of electricity running horizontal below, or you can make it so there is a vertical line on the right and another vertical line on the left. Lastly, arrange them so they will make an X across the body part in question.
  • What part of the body? Surround the clit, surround the pussy, surround the ass. Or surround the clit and pussy and send juice to both areas on different modes, if you really want to blow someone's mind. If you want to surround the nipple you might want to read this primer, as it explains a little more about why you want to put a positive and negative at each nipple and not string the electricity back and forth. It should be safe to go back and forth, but why take the risk when it's probably more intense to focus on them individually.
  • Here is a page that shows where to place electrodes for pain in various places. This should give an idea of how to place them for sex play - you're just targeting other areas. There are also some youtube demonstrations of how to use them for back pain that are quite explanatory.

I think this is long enough at this point, so I won't talk at length about specialty attachments. There are ways to surround the clit, for instance, that are downright devious. It clenches and unclenches and can feel like someone has a vice grip around it without actually touching it. It can pull up so tight that all of the lips around it are pulling with it.

Sometimes, when the Top wants to hurt you, but doesn't feel up to swinging a flogger or wielding a cane, the Tens can be the perfect solution for them. Put the pads on, sit back, fiddle with dials, watch the wiggling and hear the screaming.

Oh, for any Tops reading this... we have zero orgasm control when the thing is around our clit. Please don't expect us to be able to hold back. It's not possible.


  1. I feel so innocent! I've totally never heard of this before. Thanks for the post!

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  2. I think this is the most educational post you've done so far. And I plan on buying one of those units now. For, you know, back pain.

  3. "...when the Top wants to hurt you, but doesn't feel up to swinging a flogger or wielding a cane..." Hee, hee. If he's not up to that, then he's lost his kink privileges for the day. Yes, I've been told I take the fun out of everything. Any kind of electricity is a hard limit for me, but it is interesting to learn about.

    ~ Diana

  4. LOL @Shelby.

    Diana - how's this for a scenario: He's been playing tennis and strained his shoulder and he's frustrated by having to use his left arm for most things. He needs an outlet for that frustration. She's terribly horny and is more than willing to suffer so he can work his frustrations out. He looks through the toy armoire and pulls the Tens unit out, sticks two electrodes outside of her pussy and two around her clit, then puts her into position to give him a blow job while he fiddles with the dials.

    1. Candace. I am new at this. Got a Tens unit with 4 pads and I read a lot about 2 pads. Use 2 and let other hang? Can u email me for some direct advice? Reason why I am here is BC every question I search brings me to hear and some braxton site (not helpful). I get the whole 1 pad on ea side of her..but what is the....better yet if u could please email me. At thank you.

  5. I've had a tens unit for years. I got my first one when I was 18 and injured myself but then quickly founds other ways it could be usefully :) great post!!

  6. @Candace - Well, okay. If he was injured & they really needed it, I'd let it slide. ;)

    ~ Diana

  7. Heh, and I just gave myself an idea. I bet a tennis player would be hell on wheel with a flogger. Yummmm.

  8. Used a TENS unit a couple of years ago during physical therapy for my lower back and loved it. Did't realize you could buy them without a prescription and that they are so inexpensive. I'll be going shopping now... :D

  9. Yes I'm thinking this will help with my lower back pain <>

  10. Yes I'm thinking this will help with my lower back pain <>

  11. Your Post is simply magnificent!
    Well, some women come to my Body Therapy Clinic for a sensual Yoni (vaginal) massage. I keep one electrode pad on the woman's body - another attached to my body. Then without touching her any body part, I bend over her-and just touch her clitoris with my tongue. It gives her tremendous pleasure- and she starts juicing wildly.

  12. For nipples, I tried two pads on each side of each nipple, all connected (via splitters) to one Tens terminal. The second terminal is connected to two clothes pin - like clamps (with soft springs). Line both the inner jaws of each clamp with aluminum foil glued on (leave a little aluminum foil sticking out the side to serve as contacts with alligator clips). Fill a spray bottle with water and spray on each nipple before clamping it. The spring on the clamps should be soft enough so as not to squeeze the nipple too hard. When you power up the Tens unit with an interesting mode selected, you will feel a great deal of pain, (and pleasure). Even when the pain is excruciating, there is no damage to the tissue. I highly recommend this if you want a real ordeal of pain and pleasure, depending on the program mode.

  13. Should one be worried about getting the electrodes into any moisture that might be in these areas? Thanks!

  14. How would you use this on a penis?

  15. a highly effective treatment for pain whereby electrodes are placed on or ... T.E.N.S. also encourages the body to produce higher levels of its own natural pain killing chemicals called Endorphins and Encephalin. ... best tens unit consumer reports