Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Meanderings

There’s a whole lot going on right now in my world, good, bad and indifferent, minor and major. The bad stuff is mostly other people’s troubles, but busybody as I am, I’m drawn in. Work is a little crazy, a trip is imminent and a virus just trashed our desktop. None of it has anything to do with kink, or writing (except that my files are apparently intact – whew!). As a result, there’s not much in my head that is blog-worthy. So today I’m down to bits and snippets.

Like the genetics of bdsm. This is something I’ve wondered about for years. Anders and Maia even talk about it in As She’s Told. What on earth is the evolutionary value of a desire to be restrained and whipped, or vice versa? Not just a desire to play rough – that’s totally understandable, biologically speaking – but a desire for very specific, shared fetishes like whips and rope and tight black leather. What value does this provide to the genome? Does kink improve reproductive success? Dominance does, no doubt, but just plain catting around will spread a man’s genes far more effectively than any amount of bdsm clubbing. And the equation of dominance and baby-making is unlikely to hold for dominant women. So this one baffles me. Any thoughts?

Random thought number two: Something out of nothing. I think about creativity sometimes, and how it feels like it’s the act of bringing something into existence out of nowhere. But of course it’s not out of nowhere; it’s out of one’s head and history, and out of learning and experiencing the work of others. What we create comes as much from our culture as from ourselves; our brains and thoughts and the patterns in our minds are a product of what came before us. How much is unique? Can we say anything truly new? Does it matter? When I reach deep inside myself for a metaphor, for some way to express what can’t be simply stated, and I manage to find those words, it’s hugely satisfying. Finding a similar metaphor by someone else later on can be a bit of a letdown, but really it’s the process of transforming feeling into language that matters for me.

Random thought the third: Being asked to read others’ writing. I feel totally ambivalent about this. Back when I was writing As She’s Told, I was really desperate for feedback, for real, editing, literary criticism on what I was doing. One or two of my requests to authors were dismissed rather bitingly, with the statement that they had no time. Positive responses were like gold. So I totally understand the need and the frustration. I’ve done some reading and critiquing for those requesting it, sometimes with pleasure and sometimes with considerable regret. On the other hand, at this point I really don’t have time. Nor do I want to slog through someone’s poorly-written self-centred stroke fantasies. Okay, now I feel guilty. But porn / erotica has to be one of the few genres where content is supposed to make up for lack of writing quality. (Or am I wrong about that? I don’t read fanfic; perhaps that’s the same? No idea.) I mean, if the personal fantasy you’re writing gets you totally hot, then surely everyone will want to read it? What does it matter if you don’t know the difference between ‘there,’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re,’ or can't begin a story with anything but pages of exposition? Okay now I feel like a totally snarky and elitist bitch. But I still don’t want to read that stuff.

That’s all I’ve got for this round, folks. Thanks for indulging my limited attention span.


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