Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, right now I'm working on a book. In this book a whole gaggle of horny women are living together in an old, distinguised maison of ill repute.

And for some reason, no matter how hard I try, I keep thinking about all of them getting their periods at the same time!

Yeah, I know. SOOOOO not romantic. But have you ever heard that, that women living in close quarters often get on the same cycle? I keep thinking, hmm, I suppose the orgies shut down once a month. And then I think, how do those old, distinguished pipes handle all those tampons being flushed at the same time?

Ha, yes, I think about these things as a writer. As a reader, not so much. I don't want to know! When it comes to kinky stuff, it's almost like these TMI issues are amplified. What happens to those butt plugs when they get pulled out in the middle of a sex scene? You can't just throw them on the floor. For that matter, when do all those sex toys get washed and sanitized, and who does it?

And of course, in my books and many other books, the hero and heroine usually drift off to sleep in one another's arms post-sex. In real life, let's be honest--GROSS. In real life, you're sweaty and you've got either goo trickling out between your legs or icky latex residue that it's probably best to rinse off. I also read somewhere that women should urinate after sex to prevent UTIs.

Sooooo romantic! I know!

I guess as readers, we all choose not to think about these things. Or do we? Do you think about these kind of things as you read? Do we prefer accuracy and realism in some areas, but not others? I think that's probably the case.

Sorry if I squicked anyone out today! I promise not to actually mention tampons or toilet clogs in my upcoming book, even if it's running rampant through my mind as I'm writing. Le sigh.


  1. Or vampire paranormal romance...I always wonder what happens when its that time for the girl and she is dating a vampire...As much as paranormal romance often eliminates a lot of the other awkward aspects of writing sex (condoms/STI) it also creates some that didn't previously exist.

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  2. Oh my goodness, I finally stopped laughing so I could type something. But now I can't think of anything to type other than LOL

  3. Annabel, you should TOTALLY include that in the book; it would be hilarious! Why would humour be incompatible with romance?

  4. You should do a blog on that subject, by the way.

  5. Ha, Anneke! A blog on what, toilet clogs? LOL. It's on my mind because we had this new sprinkler system put in and it's lowered the water pressure just enough that I can't flush tampons anymore. Grr..Now how's that for TMI, LOL!! Hurry up menopause!!!!

  6. Who better to blog on kink and humour than Annabel Joseph? You could write brilliantly funny and romantic bdsm. It would sell incredibly well.

    Take it from me, you do NOT want to hurry up menopause!! Not living in the south, for sure! Or anywhere else for that matter. Wrapping tampons and putting them in the garbage is a gift in comparison.