Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cold as Ice

As I sit here writing, a heat wave has hit the Mid-Atlantic, and at nearly 100 degrees my air conditioner isn’t quite keeping up. Here I am with a blog to write, trying to come up with an idea, and it’s almost too hot to think. Definitely too hot to think of anything hot and sweaty. So today I’m going to talk about ice. If we have any readers from the southern hemisphere, you may start hating me now, but around here, we’re sweltering.

There’s something about the idea of having someone slowly draw on me with a melting ice cube that’s immensely appealing right now. Down my arms, along my legs. Doing it myself would definitely not be the same. For a moment, an ice cube is too cold, and then as it moves away the water warms on the skin and becomes pleasure, no sub space or masochistic tendencies needed for this particular transmutation, just simple physics. There are definitely some places where it’s too intense. I’ve seen molds in adult novelty stores, and while a penis shaped ice cube is amusing, I don’t want one inside me. Internal ice isn’t for me, unless we’re talking my mouth, of course. Tie me up and feed me popsicles -- sounds like the perfect scene to me.

Ice is perfectly safe, at least in small quantities. A single ice cube creates intense sensation with absolutely no damage or even threat of damage. It doesn’t even require an enormous amount of trust, which makes ice play part of a reasonable scene for couples just getting to know each other. One worry though, when writing about ice play in fiction -- it might be a cold windy day in February when the reader opens the book. Ice play is definitely more appealing in some kinds of weather than others, despite what King Ludwig of Bavaria thought. He built Neuschwanstein, the castle the Disney castle is based on, and lots of other pretty buildings. Apparently he liked to make his soldiers dance naked on moonlit winter nights. Okay, I can see the appeal, but safe, sane and consensual I’m not sure about.

I’m going to go have a popsicle, and refill my ice cube trays. If you've got any books to share that have nice scenes with ice in them, or comments about your own experience with ice or other cold objects in play, I'd love to hear them.


  1. One of my favourite toys is the glass dildo. There are so many deliciously wicked things you can do with them. But my fav is leaving it in the fridge for a bit before playing...

  2. I'm not usually a fan of ice, though I enjoy it as part of wax play -- the dichotomy of the hot and cold. But you don't want to think about hot wax right now - do you ;)

  3. Refrigerated, rather than freezing, is a lot more appealing for an insertable, I think.

    I like the mix too, but yeah, I didn't want to go there today. :)