Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Let's talk e-readers and other gadgets that can double as an e-reader.

I have a Kindle and I love it. I also have a tablet that I love -- but the Kindle is the device that stays in my purse because it's lightweight, fairly rugged when in the cover, and the battery lasts forever. Well, not forever, but three or four weeks even with the way I read, which is pretty much forever in battery terms.

I can't use the tablet to write a first draft, but I can certainly use it to edit a manuscript, and I can't do that with the Kindle. So, when away from home and in editing mode, sometimes the tablet gets dragged along instead. For the most part I believe in multi-use devices over devices that only do one thing. But the Kindle just flat out works as a dedicated device, so it won me over.

When reading at night I use the tablet because I can read with the light off and not disturb my sleeping husband. When reading in sunlight the Kindle wins hands down.

So in my case I have a tablet and a Kindle, LCD and e-ink, and both get a lot of use.

What would it take for me to upgrade? The new Nook touch e-ink screen got my attention, but the majority of my books are formatted for the Kindle and I'm not interested in switching to a machine that uses a different file type. And really, even if a new touch screen Kindle were to come out, I'm not sure I'd buy it just for that. Without the keyboard it will be smaller, but it would have to be a good deal smaller (without decreasing screen size) to tempt me. Sure, it's a pain to navigate with the directional keys, and the touchscreen would be easier between books, but it wouldn't change the reading experience. My absolute "must haves" for a dedicated device are: long battery life, fairly rugged, lightweight, crisp letters with good contrast, quick page turns, no bigger than the current Kindle.

To make today's post on topic... aren't most kinky books nowadays best read electronically? For one thing, they are substantially less expensive in ebook form than in book form. That isn't necessarily so for more mainstream books, but seems to be the case for most kinky books. But the other big reason -- no one knows I'm reading a kinky book at my daughter's ballet class when I'm using my Kindle. Take a look at the covers in the left column - no way could I take a dead-trees book that looked like that into a room full of ballet students and their mom's. I couldn't even read it in the living room at home with my kids around.

Do you have an e-reader? Is it a dedicated e-reader or a multi-use device? Are you in the market for one? Are you an e-ink fan or an LCD fan? If you have a device, what would it take to make you upgrade?


  1. I have a Sony e-reader. I really like it and yes, it is ideal for reading what I lovingly refer to as "smut". I love that no one can tell (and judge me for) what I am reading. Would only be better if I could somehow password-protect it. I chose the Sony because I could get books from my local public library whereas with the Kindle (at the time) I would be in thrall to Amazon for all my books.

  2. I also use my Kindle for reading "kinky books".
    I used to hide the paper ones when friends and family came round. Now I don't have to worry.However, I almost came a cropper when I was showing my mother-in-law how to use the Kindle recently and accidently opened the wrong collection!!

  3. I didn't buy the Kindle for a long time because of that, too, Bronte. The new versions allow you to buy from somewhere else and then copy to the Kindle via USB from your computer. Our public library does finally have an ebook program, but they don't have any books in their "digital collection" that I'm interested in. So that's not really an avenue for me.

    caddy - we did a camping weekend with my parents and our kids a few weekends ago and while I was off swimming with the kids my mom spent the entire time trying to break into my Kindle. Lucky for me I use a password she couldn't guess. I have no idea why it's so important to her to see what is on there. My dad tattled on her or I wouldn't have known - LOL.

  4. I don't use an e-reader but I do use the Kindle app for my laptop. I pretty much exclusively read smut electronically. It's cheaper, so it's less of a risk if I buy a book I don't like, and it's discreet.

    My husband had been considering buying me a Kindle, but with my ipod and laptop and cellphone I feel like it's too much to carry about when I travel.

    Although in the end, for the books without the half-naked people on the cover, I prefer paperbacks.

  5. I started ereading with a Sony when I lived in Ireland (Kindle wasn't available overseas.) You wouldn't believe how impossible/expensive it was to buy plain ol romance novels there. I loved the portability of having my entire collection at the tips of my fingers. And just a few months ago (after returning to the US) I bought an iPad. Which I totally love. I can check my email, read a book and tweet all on one device. Of course there are the drawbacks you've mentioned. Mostly the weight and reading in sunlight. But still. I think I'll give my Sony to my hubby's ;)

  6. I use a kindle and love it. I had tried smut on conventional books before, even tried using a book cover...found out the hard way that just makes more people interested (to the point of grabbing the book out of your hand and reading the first page they flip to out lout). I love that you can hit the "home" button real quick and it flips to home, so if you have your smut hidden in a collection no one is the wiser. I also love that it reads to you (yes it is the weird electronic voice, but when you are on a road trip and you are at a point in a book that is so good that you are tempted to pull over and read it, the voice is worth it). I also like that you can have it be a male or female voice. It's amazing how much that can make a difference. Of course since it houses all my kinky books the cover I have for it is black leather. ;)

  7. I love my Kindle. I originally bought it to read my "traditional" literature, but now I almost exclusively use it for erotica. Its too tempting when its just a click away! Its also great because I live in a small town, and it is more difficult to obtain erotica.

    I have a collection named "Delete" that I store the things I don't want people to see. I've coworkers look through my library, and nobody thinks to click on Delete because they don't want to accidentally delete my stuff.