Monday, July 11, 2011

Kink Monday: Forced Orgasms

Anneke has talked about orgasm denial on few a previous Kink Monday posts: Teasing and Denial and Chastity Belts. Today I'd like to talk about the polar opposite: being forced to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until long after you are begging for it to stop.

I mentioned one way to force orgasms in my Kink Monday post on TENS Units, and I must say it's a particularly effective way of going about it. So effective that it can be used as a way to punish for having an orgasm without permission. Can you imagine being restrained before having the electrodes put on and being told you'll be stimulated until you've had 25 orgasms? Or, if you're naturally multi-orgasmic then up that to 75 orgasms. The first thirty minutes isn't so bad, the second thirty minutes you're tired and don't really want to do this any more. Somewhere near the middle or end of the second hour the orgasms hurt - the muscles are tired and the hormones secreted during orgasm to make it feel good have all been used up, but the stimulation is there and the muscles take over and go through the motions of orgasm anyway whether you want them to or not. Now, granted, the Top has to ease off and build back up, he can't just leave it on the same setting or eventually it will stop working. But if the Top knows what he or she is doing then this can go on for hours.

It can also pretty easily be done with a combination of vibrating plug, vibrating dildo, and vibrating butterfly-type device, though hours and hours of it doesn't tend to work as well. An hour and a half or so works well, but once the painful orgasms begin you'll need a lot of lube because at some point the body will stop supplying it. With this method you get sore in two ways - the muscles get sore in the same way they do with the TENS, but the friction of the dildo adds another element and that creates a whole different kind of sore. Done as part of a scene it can be a delicious memory, done for punishment then the pain you feel for a few days is a different kind of reminder.

Annabel uses forced orgasms as a portion of an all day punishment in Comfort Object, though she uses a bit of a different twist - making the submissive have to get herself off three times at the top of every hour for eight hours - the way the math works out, with a time at the beginning and end, it's 27 orgasms in eight hours. And because Annabel has a lovely devious mind - nipple clamps go on at the top of the hour and don't come off until all three orgasms happen.

I think both denial of orgasms and forced orgasms are hot when written into books. It's all about control, after all - and both are a pretty intense method of controlling a person's body and reactions. For a truly devious twist, add a requirement to ask permission before being allowed to have the orgasm you are being forced into. Being ordered to hold it back for a few seconds, or even a few minutes, when it's just right there and you don't want it to happen but you can't really stop it either, but you must to hold it back until permission is given -- or face a substantial punishment. Control, indeed.

What books stand out in your mind that handled one or the other of these kinks? I've already mentioned Comfort Object for the forced orgasm, and I think As She's Told is probably one of the more extreme books on female orgasm denial I've read.

What's your kink? Denial, or orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until long past when you can stand to have them?


  1. For me, denial of or forced orgasms *can* be hot if it's not taken to an extreme like what you described above with the TENS unit. Eek! In reality, forcing doesn't work on everyone, but it can be a nice fantasy.

    That was a great scene in COMFORT OBJECT. If it had been me, Kyle would have had to help me out after the first couple of times. We just wouldn't tell Jeremy. ;)

    ~ Diana

  2. There was actually a chapter in As She's Told with forced orgasms also. Denial is more my thing, but a change is sometimes not so bad. ;-)


    Well, I mean, I HATE it but I love it. So evil...

  4. Heh, well my husband has a forced orgasm kink, so that's usually where things end up with us. It's odd, I hate it when it's happening... I've had an orgasm hurt bad enough to make me cry and then been forced through ten more after the tears started. But then, looking back on it, the control aspect of it -- I wouldn't change a thing.

    Before I met my husband I experienced denial, but these days it's usually a short term thing - as in minutes or perhaps hours - sometimes for a day or two or three but not often (less than once a year, I'd guess). I love reading about denial, but can't imagine actually being denied for a whole week at this point in my life - especially if there is still daily sex and other activities going on.

    It's a nice fantasy though - either extreme pretty much shows a form of ultimate control.