Monday, July 18, 2011

Tink Never Carried This Wand!

Violet Wand
I have found my ultimate birthday/Christmas present! Now, I admit the Violet Wand isn't for everyone, but I've always been a bit odd, so I should have expected it. And just how did I discover the Violet Wand?
It was in a flogger closet. Yup. I was very impressed by that closet, I will admit, but the one item within it that drew my attention most was that Violet Wand.


For those of you who aren't familiar with a Violet Wand (VW), I did a little research. Seems the VW is usually associated with Electricity Play. Depending on the setting used, the sensations provided can range from a light tingle all the way up to the feeling of being burned. The Wand portion is the base, a Telsa coil-type electrical transformer. They're engineered to be safe for use as a sexual toy. The Violet part comes from the electrodes used with the Wand. Most of these electrodes are made of glass tubes and have the same type of gas inside them as plasma balls or neon signs. Usually the color is purple (violet), but you can find electrodes with different colors from the manufacturers.

The different electrodes have different uses. There are attachments for external and internal stimulation. The internal probes are made of more durable glass similar to Pyrex. Some spread the sensations over a wide area, while others concentrate the sparks to one spot. Along with the external and internal, there's also the direct or indirect methods. Direct being the direct application of the electrodes to the skin, and indirect application by electrifying the user's body and transferring the charge through touch to the recipient.

Teaser Kit
Sustained contact can result in a welt and reddening of the skin, even burns, but the design of the wand doesn't allow for accidental electrocution. I can understand why Violet Wands aren't for everyone. Imagine prolonged little zaps of static electricity along your skin. In delicate places. Very sensitive places. Even inside places.

I know some people who vehemently refuse to have anything to do with VWs. Who find nothing interesting or arousing in being shocked. For me though, I like the way the hairs stand up on my skin and the tingling sensations follow the path of the electrode, lingering like a phantom touch for just a few moments, a little aftershock, if you will.

X Terminator
Maybe, if I'm a good girl, Santa will bring me the X Terminator Kit.
Now that's a present! LOL

A few resources from my research:


  1. Ooh! I'm with you. ^_^ I love the violet wand.

  2. I would love to *try* it at least once. It definitely looks intriguing/intimidating.

  3. Ooh! This was used in the opening scene of Eliza Gayle's book Submissive Beauty. A little bit too scary for me.
    ~ Monique

  4. La Crimson Femme, Mockingbird, and Asian Cocoa,
    I do like the way it makes me tingle. LOL. At a very low setting it reminds me of the way your body feels when you get goosebumps. Or like when you were a kid and you scooted your shoes along the rug and then were zapped by the doorknob.

    I haven't read Submissive Beauty, AsianCocoa, but the fact she used the VW makes me want to read it. Thanks for mentioning it.


  5. My skin must not be normal, because the lowest setting for me hurts. No tingle, no sensual anything... just unbearable pain. Not the good kind of pain - the safeword kind of pain.

    I love hearing people talk about the sensations, and I wish I got the same sensations. I also enjoy watching them being used on other people.

    I am apparently a wimp of the highest magnitude when it comes to the VW on my own skin, though.

  6. Candace, everyone is different. But many people don't know how to use a wand's sensual settings. Like passing the current through their body first, so that a bare fizzing comes from their own fingertips when they stroke your skin.