Friday, July 22, 2011

Trust Issues

I have a new book out. A week ago today, my first self-published novel went live on Amazon, and with luck it'll soon be available on Barnes & Noble. This isn't a bit of blatant self-promotion....well not too much.

Anyway, after reading Fallon's post from Tuesday, it got me thinking. One of the questions everyone always asks me about my books is "Why so long?" What that usually means is, they want to know why my heroes waited so long before making their move on the heroine. And my answer is always the same. "They were waiting for their woman to get used to them and trust them."

For me the stories are all about trust. Whether it's recognized or not, the heroine has no problem believing that no matter what, the hero would never harm them intentionally. Or put them in danger. In my latest book, Teach Me, Master, although only a novella, I wanted to show that the relationship gradually escalated between the characters. The majority of it took place over the phone, but while they watched one another. (Vince and Triss live across the street from one another with perfect views into each other's bedrooms.)

The relationship grew over a year, with Vince being very open and up front about his interest in kink. He was simply waiting for Triss to trust him enough to take it from fantasy to reality. I hope that's how the readers see it as well, but I'm sure I'll have a few who will complain.