Friday, August 5, 2011

Doing A Flyby Post

I'm an author and the majority of my contact with the BDSM world is through my characters and research. I think one of the best things I can do is make a person think or rethink their position/opinion on a subject, whether it's kink or romance.

I think the best question I got was from a lady at an RWA chapter meeting when I was presenting with two other authors on erotic romance. If I recall correctly, she asked, "How do you explain writing about female submissives, when romance is supposed to be empowering to women?" She'd prefaced her question with the fact that she and her husband had read my book and her husband was confused about how my story showed my heroine in a self-confident light when she submitted to the heroes commands.

My response? "The power in a D/s relationship rests with the submissive. What more powerful role can a woman have than to decide what she will and won't allow her man to do with her?" And I still believe that. Considering this is my own opinion, I like to believe that submission is about gaining power more than about giving up power. Every time the choice to go along with the Master is 'yes' and the experience is blissful, or hot, or downright orgasmic, a bit more power is gained by the submissive. Power to make choices, to believe in where she's placed her trust.

For me, that's empowering.

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