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Giveaway: Finding Eden by Kele Moon

I have to admit, I have a special affection for stories with flawed, sometimes twisted characters who don't always play by the rules. When you throw BDSM into the mix, they can make for very emotionally intense reading. The recent m/m release by fellow author Kele Moon, Finding Eden, fed my love for such romance and I wanted to share it with all of you. Here's the deal, I'm giving away a copy of Finding Eden to one random commenter. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave me a comment mentioning one of your favorite flawed fictional characters (please include your email) and follow our blog. I'll announce the winner on Saturday.


Handsome, angry and spoiled, Danny Carlow struggles to find his place in the world when his hatred for authority makes survival difficult. The only thing that keeps him from completely giving up and turning to a life of crime is his friendship with clean-cut Paul Mattling. More than his conscience and his best friend, Paul’s also the one Danny secretly pines for with every ounce of his being.

Paul is a natural over-achiever with a football scholarship and straight As to boast about. Yet Paul is haunted by an abusive childhood that’s left him more scarred than anyone realizes. Looking for an escape from his demons, Paul has his own deviant secrets, ones he doesn’t want anyone, especially Danny, to know about.

When dark desires are accidentally revealed Danny and Paul end up coming together in a clash of wild passion more tumultuous than either of them could have anticipated. Tasting the forbidden is sweet, but it turns the tables on their relationship, putting everything, even their lifelong friendship, in jeopardy.

An Excerpt From: FINDING EDEN

Copyright © KELE MOON, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Paul snapped, the fight against the raging lust making him defiant and angry. He didn’t want to be waging this battle, not when he was hurting this nicely and Danny smelled like smoky sex wrapped up in one very attractive package. “Do I look like a doctor?”

Danny shoved him in retaliation. Taken by surprise, the back of Paul’s head smacked against the window. That was all it took for the fight to slip out of him as if he had never waged the battle to begin with. He arched into Danny with a low groan, his eyes rolling back under the flood of longing that washed over him, crushing every last bit of resistance he had.

Danny’s breath hitched, his body going ramrod stiff in reaction. “Oh my God,” he choked out, the shock ringing in his voice.

Paul’s mind ran rampant with the problem of trying to talk Danny into playing with him. He disconnected himself completely, freeing him from the worry of a destroyed friendship. When he opened his eyes, he made them soft on purpose. He licked his lips, being very aware of how that action drew Danny’s gaze to them and it was obvious they both knew what he was implying.

Danny opened his mouth, nothing but a choking gasp slipping past his lips. Then he pulled away, sitting back up in the driver’s seat and stared ahead unseeing. He rested his hands on the steering wheel, his shoulders unnaturally stiff, his chest rising and falling in rapid pants of what Paul could only assume was extreme shock.

“You have officially fucked up the voice of my conscience, Paul Guy,” Danny finally whispered after the longest minute of Paul’s life. “And it’s really bad timing.”

“I’m sorry,” Paul rasped, not really sure what he was apologizing for, but hating himself for pissing Danny off nonetheless. “I won’t do it again.”

“I can’t do this,” Danny started, his eyes still wide and staring into the darkness as if he were talking to himself. “It’d be such a dick move to take advantage of you when you’re like this. It’d be bad, Paul Guy, really bad—even for me. There’s something wrong with you. Your father fucked you up or something. I can’t take advantage of that. Tell me how fucked up that would be.”

Paul stared hard, his jaw falling slack. Danny was actually considering it. That was painfully easy, much more so than Paul had expected.

Excitement made his voice quiver as he said frantically, “But I like the idea of you taking advantage of me. It’s sorta—hot.” Paul looked away after the last word, feeling embarrassed despite everything because he’d done it, he’d laid it out on the table in a way only someone who got off on humiliation could.

“What triggers it?” Danny asked, still refusing to look at Paul. “Is it just the pain? Or is it something else?”

“I like the mind fuck,” Paul explained, answering Danny’s questions without an ounce of censorship because it wasn’t in him to lie to the person he’d handed the reins to. “And I love the pain, that’s my fetish. But I like to be dominated too, to be told what to do. I like providing pleasure. Really, I like whatever you like.”

“Can I just be an asshole?” Danny clarified, his grip on the steering wheel white knuckled once more. “Or do I have to hurt you?”

“Are you willing to hurt me?” Paul asked in surprise, unable to hide the longing and excitement in his voice.

“What’d I get if I do?” Danny finally turned to look at him, his glare so penetrating, Paul actually held his breath in response. “If I go along with this fucked-up shit you’re into, I wanna know what exactly I get in return.”

“Anything you want,” Paul said without hesitation. He gave Danny a look and punctuated his voice on purpose. “Anything.

Danny was silent, unmoving, like a predator stalking prey. His eyes narrowed in a silent challenge before he leaned over once more, falling into him. Paul responded immediately, arching in invitation. When Danny reached up, pushing at Paul’s cheek, forcing him to look away, Paul went with it, offering his neck to him when he felt Danny’s breath hot against his sensitive skin.

Danny dragged his tongue from the curve of his neck up to the soft spot behind his ear, doing it slowly as if staking ownership. Paul knew he was being deliberately lascivious, testing the waters on purpose, but he didn’t give a fuck. He groaned out loud, his chest heaving under the waves of longing, his cock aching to the point he wondered if he was going to embarrass himself and come right there.

When Danny’s teeth sank into the curve of his neck, latching onto skin and muscle and then tugging, Paul’s entire body jerked in reaction. “Fuck,” he ground out, sliding his hand between their bodies and pushing his palm against his cock that was straining against his leather pants. “S-Stop,” he pleaded desperately. “Please stop, Danny Boy.”

“Can’t take it?” Danny asked, lifting his head to glare at him, his eyes shining with profound disappointment. “Wanna run back to your girlfriends instead of take what I have to offer?”

“No, I just—” Paul swallowed hard, fighting the lust that was hazing his brain to the point even speaking was difficult. He studied Danny, taking in the hurt that showed on his face and trying to figure out what he did to cause it. “I don’t wanna come— Yet. Unless you want me to. Do you want me to?”

Confusion marred Danny’s brow for a brief moment before his eyes darted to Paul’s crotch. When he lifted them again, a ghost of a smile tugged at his lips. “No.” His voice was sultry, the lull of his Southern accent making it smooth and compelling as he licked at his full lips. “If you’re hard for me, coming would ruin it. I don’t like that.” He leaned closer once more, placing a kiss against the patch of skin he damaged with his teeth. “Maybe I’ll leave you hard and aching for days, months, years. That’s how long I’ve been hard for you. Turnabout’s fair play, dontcha think, Paul Guy?”

You can pick up a copy of Kele's book here at Ellora's Cave.


  1. my favorite flawed character (recently) is Julian Lodge from Sophie Oaks Siren Beloved...love him & his redeeming qualities

    thanks for the give-a-way


  2. my favourite flawed character is heathcliff (wuthering heights)



  3. Flawed Character? I LOVE flawed characters.

    Southland's John Cooper.
    ER's Robert Romano.
    The Vampire Lestat.
    Mr. "I Know Everything" Darcy. :)


  4. Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon. He is so flawed, so mistreated and still so kind and wonderful.

  5. I love these two, Paul and Danny! I sort of fell for them in Beyond Eden!


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