Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm going to New York, and I'm taking a...

When I was about five my older brothers and sister taught me a game called "I'm going to New York." I liked it, and they quickly tired of it, but the basic idea is that one person comes up with a rule; the other players take turns, saying "I'm going to New York and taking a " and if it follows the rule, they are told okay, and if not they are told they can't, and eventually you try to guess the rule. I'm not traveling to New York this weekend, but I am traveling, and that led me to think about what kind of S&M gear to bring on trips when space is limited. I decided to limit myself to three items arbitrarily, and place an emphasis on compact and lightweight items.

The first was easy; cuffs. Nice soft velcro cuffs, with one of the little metal clips to attach them. Cuffs are very efficient bondage; less bulky than ropes, lightweight, and quick.

The second wasn't too hard either: Nipple clamps, because I like them, and they are really small, especially the little tweezer kind that tightens when you slide a ring over the two prongs, perhaps connected with a chain. If those don't pack enough bite, clothespins are just a little bulkier, but the tweezers win for size and weight for this "travel set"

Number 3... so many choices. You can do a lot with a single paraffin candle, but not in a hotel room unless you want to risk extra charges. A Wartenberg pinwheel is small and versatile, so that might be a good choice. A vibrator, perhaps a vibrating egg, can be pretty small. I decided to splurge, though, and go with a suede flogger, despite the size... it can fit along one of the inside edges of a suitcase and hopefully not require me to have to leave behind any clothes. The one I have has a rubber handle, and with a condom is a very nice insertable. I'm willing to do without the vibration in order to have the rest of what a flogger brings to the ... table? Perhaps bent over the desk, or the bed?

Of course in a novel, whatever the hero needs in a scene can always be retroactively packed in his suitcase with some quick editing, but we have to deal with time in a linear fashion in real life, alas. Anyone else have any travel toy favorites? What would you pack, or have your partner pack?

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  1. You covered most of what I was going to say...but I would also bring a blindfold! Not only is it a nice accessory for kinky fun, it is great to use on the airplane, when your neighbors have their lights on and you want some shut eye!