Monday, August 8, 2011

Kink Monday: Enemas

There are six reasons (that I'm aware of) to use enemas for kink:

  • To clean things out for other activities. The enema is either ordered to be done, or administered as a means to an end, without the enema really being part of a scene.
  • When it's done for sensation - mostly pleasurable
  • When it's done for the power trip, to show control over even this part of the submissive or slave's body
  • Humiliation
  • Punishment - when solutions are given that intensify cramps and/or the time is stretched out unbearably long
  • And the last is one I'm not going to talk about today - people who enjoy the whole scat thing. Ick.

I think most people who have not experienced an enema see them in the realm of punishment or humiliation. In my world they began as yet another way for him to control my body, and that is pretty much where they've stayed, with a few detours here and there. The first dozen or so were also terribly humiliating, but that has turned to moderately humiliating over the years.

But let's back up - believe it or not, there can be pleasurable enemas. A one to two quart salt water enema that is a few degrees warmer than body temperature, and that's given slowly while you're laying on your left side can be very soothing, comforting, and relaxing. Especially if you are allowed to release within a few minutes of the last drop going in. Oh, and from non-latex equipment if you are sensitive to latex. The after effects can leave you feeling as if you've had an intense massage to your lower back. My first enema was a pleasurable one, but the control aspects were so strong I was in tears -- the idea that he was filling this part of me, something no one else is supposed to be able to control -- it was just so intense. He let me go to the bathroom to release as soon as it was all in, and didn't come near me as I released. But then he filled me again. There was no doubt in my mind that he owned me that day.

Punishment enemas, on the other hand, are ten levels worse than excruciating. The addition of ivory soap suds, or lemon juice, or honey, or molasses, or a number of other things, can cause cramps so bad you would swear someone has a knife inside of you cutting you to pieces. Just making the water cooler than body temperature can cause cramps. And the speed that it goes in is certainly another huge factor. There should always be a clear water enema after the punishment enema to rinse the irritants from the colon. Play can rarely happen after a punishment enema, as the person usually needs to sleep for a while to recuperate from the trauma of it.

The time factor is something to keep in mind no matter the kind of enema - they shouldn't be done just before you tie someone down. It is my understanding some people can do a quick Fleet enema and be ready to play in twenty or thirty minutes, but my body doesn't work that way. I need a few hours in order to be comfortable that everything has worked its way back out. When I read of someone getting an enema and releasing and then being restrained in some way for play, I find myself rolling my eyes. Maybe some people can do that, but it would be disastrous to do that with me.

Enemas have been given since at least Victorian times, when most households seem to have seen them as a necessity. In the days when there was no indoor plumbing and people used chamber pots, they appear to have been used as a way to schedule bowel movements so young ladies would not be caught out somewhere and need to be embarrassed by soiling a friend's chamber pot. They were also used as a form of consequence for children, to "clean them out" when they were naughty.

Our modern "take a pill" culture has mostly erased enemas from our present day vocabulary. That's really too bad, because a quick Fleet is so much more comfortable than a laxative. And it's over with fairly quickly, no need to wait for hours before it works. I'd never have considered the possibility fifteen years ago. Now, it's the first and only option.

I'm not even going to try to cover all of the safety aspects in this post -- this page covers most of the important points and is probably as good of a starting place as any. Please do read through the safety information out there before playing. While normally administered enemas in a healthy person are safe, there are not-so-extreme seeming things that can be done to make them unsafe. And if the person has heart or kidney issues then they should be avoided.

I will stress that the first enema should be designed as a pleasant experience, and then you should talk at length about the experience before moving towards discomfort. Don't aim for pain for a while - aiming for discomfort will likely be painful at first.

Have you ever had an enema? Was it a health thing or a kink thing? Is it something you want to try again? If you haven't had one, does the idea of someone taking that kind of control over your body turn you on? Ignore the fear and ick aspects for the moment, think about the control aspects, the idea of being filled.


  1. My Dom insists on enemas before anal play and has for so many years that the settling of my submissiveness begins with setting out the equipment.

    When I was young, most women douched using a hot water bottle kit at least once a month following menses, so I was already basically familiar with the how, if not the where, when I joined my Dom so long ago.

    While I wouldn't call it always a pleasant experience, oddly, it can be the beginning of foreplay because it means there are definitely plans for deep play, and it is freeing to know I am clean to the point there probably won't be any unexpected surprises.


  2. I've always been very, very interested in reading about the control aspect of enemas, for very much in the same way I enjoy reading about catheters- the absolute loss of control and humiliation. An enema + butt plug combination is great fun to read about.

    In real life- I tried one enema, and found it was not to my liking. It took way too long before all the liquid was released, and even then I wasn't sure. I had to run an errand, and was constantly worried that something icky would happen while I was driving (it didn't). *pheww*

  3. I found that an enema is a very pleasant erotic experience as practiced when my girlfriend and I "aged played" together.
    I got many enemas administered by my aunt during my youth where I laid naked over her lap. I pretended to be a young boy and my girl friend played my aunt and I laid naked over her lap and she first took my rectal temperature followed by an enema. Lots of foreplay - very stimulating.

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