Thursday, August 25, 2011

When characters won't stop having sex...

I have this problem. Well, it's not exactly a problem, but the hero and heroine of my work-in-progess can't seem to haul themselves out of bed!

Believe me, I'm delighted about it. It seems like as soon as I think the love scene is wrapping up, he looks at her, or she looks at him, and they're all over each other once again. I've created two people who are really sexually compatible, and writing their sexual escapades thus far has been fun.

But I'm a little worried too. I know there needs to be tension, and that at some point, I need to get these characters out of bed (or off the floor, or spanking bench) and get them doing some real relationship things.


Dialogue and narrative are just as important as the horny sexy scenes in an erotic romance, I believe. When I read other authors' books, I find they all kind of fit into a general balance of sex and...well...stuff besides sex. The books I've really lost interest in or didn't finish were the books where the sex and relationship tension didn't even out.

Actually, for myself, I like the relationship tension even more than the sex. Maybe it's because I've written so many sex scenes myself, but sometimes I'll actually skip through the sex to get to the next page in the development of their relationship. I feel kind of awful admitting that, but I'm just so fascinated in the ways people relate to each other (or relate dysfunctionally...that is even MORE interesting.)

What about you? What is more important to you in an erotic romance: hot, copious amounts of sex, or a large amount of story development? If you had to choose one or the other to dominate in a book, what would it be? Sex or story?


  1. I love the erotic elements in a story but there must be story development and dialog or it just seems like porn. I want to understand why the characters are doing what they are doing when they are doing it! ;)

  2. I read for characters, development and interaction. This is why Jane Austen is so good to read, even Mansfield Park where the main character is so intolerable. The previous reader is also correct, I've read stuff that is basically seeing how much sex you can get into a story and its just porn, the relationship between characters leading up to and during sex. If they can't get out of bed, they need to have some pillow talk, cause honestly they gotta rest sometime.