Monday, September 12, 2011

Kink Monday: Clothespins

Most BDSM tools can be used for both light play and heavy play, depending on how the tool is used. Even a cane, one of the scariest implements, can be used lightly or with power.

Clothespins, in my opinion, are not so versatile. I suppose someone could make them weak by loosening the spring mechanism, but under normal circumstances clothespins are pretty intense. I've even used the word brutal to describe them a few times.

In the right headspace I can enjoy them. In the wrong headspace I'll safeword fairly quickly. I always have a safeword in place for clothespins. I've said before that my husband and I have been together for 15 years and we rarely have a safeword in place, the exceptions being certain kinds of edge play and new things. Add clothespins to that exception list. When I give the safeword for clothespins it's usually followed by expletives and then the safeword again and then more expletives... and repeated over and over until the offending bits are removed. If there are fifty on me and they aren't zippered then it may take thirty seconds or so to get them all off. If they are zippered then he'll ask "One at a time or should I pull the chord?" If one gets put onto a nerve in just the wrong way it hurts like you wouldn't believe - sometimes I safeword for that one clothespin and the rest are okay.

But in the right headspace, they are like nothing else.
Restrained, lying comfortably on your back with your arms tied out to the side, loose enough to be comfortable and to give a few inches of movement. Ankles also restrained in some way, opening you up. Clothespins start at the outside of your breasts, and are slowly added, spiraling in, closer and closer to your nipples. One is placed on your right breast. Then the matching one is placed on your left breast. Another on your left breast. The matching one on your right breast. Every once in a while one is added to your pussy lips. The pain grows. Each clothespin building the spiral, layering the pain.

 There is some kind of epic music playing in the background -- parts of the soundtrack to LOTR perhaps. Or the soundtrack to Blade Runner. Everything grows and shifts and weaves. You fall into the pain, you welcome the next clothespin. And the next. There is heat. You can feel your pulse around the pinched skin. The spiral continues marching closer and closer to your nipples. Near the end, before clips are placed on your nipples, fingers are used inside of you, edging you closer to orgasm, without getting you too close to the edge. It's all surreal. The pain, the pleasure, the music, his voice. You can't tell where one stops and the other ends.

And then clips go on both nipples and you are gasping from the sensations just as a clip is put on your clit and you are ordered to come. And you do. Explosively so.

If your Dom happens to be especially sadistic he will have zippered the clothespins and he'll wait until you are mid orgasm and rip them all off at once. One level even more sadistic? You've been blindfolded and don't see it coming.

Zippering them just means a piece of string or twine is run through the ends of them, so that once they are on you can pull on them and they will rapidly come off.

I do not recommend cheap clothespins for this - they slip sideways and grab the skin all wrong. I personally like the good wooden ones, but my husband prefers the good plastic ones. The plastic ones have little teeth. Unfortunately, it's the plastic ones that come with little holes in them, making them ideal for a zipper. So it's usually the plastic ones. (I have no idea why the holes are really there. I doubt if the manufacturers put them there just for the zipper effect.)  We also have some wire clothespins that are especially evil.

Do you have a favorite way to play with clothespins? A favorite scene from a book that involves clothespins?


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  1. like putting a screw with a wing bolt to reduce the strength of the clothes pin ..
    [ smiles ]