Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Most people know what the basic BDSM tools are - paddles, crops, canes, floggers, plugs.

But when it comes to something like a tawse, sound, jennings gag, loopy johnny... how much extra description is necessary? Should an author just say what it is, and assume if the person doesn't know what it is they'll look it up? Or should there be descriptions given? My philosophy most of the time is to avoid bogging the story down with too many descriptions: if the reader knows what it is then describing it would insult them, and if they don't then it's not hard to look it up -- and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. There are exceptions to that, but I'd rather have the characters talk about the toy before the scene starts if I decide it needs explanation.

Some description is necessary even for the well known implements, though. The difference between a super thin Lexan paddle and a very thick wooden paddle is huge: one gives ultra sting and the other reaches into muscle and packs a wallop. A multi tailed deer skin flogger gives no pain, only sensation, where a rawhide flogger with only a few tails can cause quite a bit of damage. Even plugs can give a huge range of sensations depending not only on size, but on material: latex, silicon, glass, steel. Luckily, size and material descriptions don't take too many words.

One of my favorites isn't actually a toy, it's one of my husband's work belts. He has others, and I like them okay, but that one work belt can jump start things for me out of the blue. I've been known to ravish him for a goodbye kiss in the mornings on the days he wears it. With that in mind, it makes sense that I like reading stories where belts are used, and that I sometimes use my favorite belt's description instead of the one the author gives.

On the other hand, I've discovered that often the things that terrify me in real life are super hot when written into books. The things that are a hard limit for me often fascinate and capture me the most in books.

Do you have a favorite toy? Something that jump starts your fantasies? Do you enjoy a book more if it incorporates your fantasy implement? Are there toys you don't really want to use in real life, but that you love to read about when it's fiction?

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  1. I like belts too. In fiction, I think the cane is a big turn on, but in reality, it is very scary.

    I like when characters talk about a toy as a way to describe it rather than a lengthy description. If it's still confusing, I'll just google it (which I've had to do many times). :)

    ~ Diana