Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Genre comes to fantasy

How do you like your d/s fantasy dished up? Simple and straight to the kinky point? Couched in romance? One element in an action-packed tale? Part of a complete invented world? Under the skirts of historical fiction?

I’ve been writing fantasies for my third book. Or rather, mostly not writing them as I try to think outside my personal box. When it comes to fantasy I’m the world-building type. I’ve often spent far more time developing the socio-historical supports for my invented slave culture than I have imagining flesh on flesh. Could I possibly be more of nerd, you ask? Only if I started writing them down. Oh, wait -- .

But what gets me, you see, is the power differential. Who has it and who doesn’t. How it manifests. What that means to all concerned. Is the power genuine? Can it be challenged? Is it consensual? (Neat trick that, genuine and consensual.) For me, the mere process of inventing a society with consensual absolute slavery is … yummy. And of course my protagonist thinks so, too. But I’m aware of the need for some variety.

There’s always the danger that readers will wish I’d chosen to make some of the fantasies full-length, instead of the book I’m actually writing. (In fact I’m pretty sure of that feedback in advance.) Will little tastes satisfy people? Provide fodder for their fantasies? Or just act as teasing irritants?

I do have pure sensation fantasies. And a perverted historical or two (in which the corsets are laced very tight indeed). But what else? Perhaps a burst into the middle of an ongoing d/s relationship, no explanations or backstory, just action? Mm. Some domestic discipline? Why not?

As I mull this over I keep bumping up against what I won’t write. S/M clubs don’t interest me, for instance. “Lifestyle,” scening, all that. I’ve never understood the attraction to tell you the truth, but that’s a subject for another blog. Non-consensual abductions that become consensual as the victim finds she loves it – no, uh-uh. Alien bodies? I’m afraid I’m a two-legs, two-arms, one set of genitals kind of girl.

You might have noticed that romance isn’t getting a mention so far. I’d have to delve pretty far back into my teens to find a romantic d/s fantasy. Love, yes; romance, no. What the hell am I doing in this blog space? Good question; don’t ask.

Want to help me out? All suggestions considered for purposes of brain fodder.


  1. That's interesting. What's the difference between romance and love? A subject for another post, perhaps?

  2. Hi Amber. No, it's pretty straightforward. Romance is a genre, a story style in which the protagonists are attracted but there are obstacles to overcome for them to be together, either physically or emotionally. There's a particular story arc. On the other hand, love relationships can be central to a story without the need to keep the characters apart for the sake of dramatic tension.