Thursday, December 1, 2011

Butt...I thought you liked it!

Hmmm...yes. It's true. I'm posting today about that thing we call sodomy. Anal sex. Taking the dirt road. Breaching the puckered hole. Taking the back alley, so to speak.

Okay, I fully admit it. I'm into writing anal sex scenes between people in love. I just personally find it hot, and I personally find it very kinky. Talk about power exchange! A vulnerable, easily damaged little orifice being made to submit to a power much greater than itself. The potential for fear, and anxiety, and disaster. Just...HOT!

Add the pain and suffering angle for the masochists, and the lovely opportunity for tearful whimpers for the dacryphilia pervs. And that perpetual and strange we like anal, or do we just like that we don't like it and are coerced/guilted/seduced into doing it anyway?

A woman in my writer's group hates anal sex scenes in her romance novels. I thought of her as I barreled through my latest work-in-progress, where the hero dom is sodomizing the heroine sub at every turn, and even lending her out to others to be sodomized for her own good. Oh God. Yep, it's hot.

But I know my friend won't enjoy reading this particular book, and that makes me kind of sad. I mean, I understand that some people don't find anal sexy. I have no judgment about that. In fact, I suppose it's pretty normal. But for me, there will always be something about characters doing it "the hard way" and trying to fit that cock where it's not really supposed to fit, at least without a whole lot of effort and discomfort.

Anal sex is pretty accepted, though, generally, in erotica. But mainstream romance... I can't remember very many where anal was involved, unless it was something the bad guys threatened to do to the heroine when she fell into their evil grasp. I think that's a shame, but I doubt it will change anytime soon.

So what's your opinion on anal sex in the erotic or romance stories you read? Like or dislike? Turn on or turn off?


  1. I also think anal sex scenes between lovers is totally hot. Especially when the sub admits to enjoying it and getting into it. I also find scenes where the woman uses a strap on and takes her male partner anally very, very hot. Keep writing them! ;)

  2. Dear lord, Annabel, with everything you post about your next book, I get more and more excited about it! I really loved your anal sex scenes in Deep in the Woods. You really captured the hotness of it when mixed with power exchange.

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