Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun with celebrities...

I am the first to admit I am a tad celebrity obsessed. I've always been that way. Something about certain actors just fires my imagination...and my libido. A lot of times when I'm writing, an actor's physique, appearance, or manner will fill out the details of my character.

So it probably won't surprise anyone that I spend a lot of time wondering which celebrities are kinky and if they are, which way they swing on the fetish tree. I think we can all agree on Brad and Angelina...after all, the National Enquirer reported on a maid finding "equipment" in their hotel room, and then there was the time the police were called out because of "strange screams" coming from their room. Ahh...the imagination wanders. I'm guessing they're both switches.

Then there's Rihanna. Clearly a masochist. I'm a little worried about this girl. We all like to play edgy but there's a line between kink and abuse. Read my book Deep in the Woods, honey. And be careful!

Madonna, yawn. Everyone knows she's a long time perv. How about the closeted kinksters? My guesses (and these are soooooo guesses and one sue me please.) Natalie Portman, sub. George Clooney, daddy dom. Robert Downey, Jr, dom. Jessica Alba, sub. Halle Berry, sub (I know, I know, it's weird!) David Fincher, complete, all out sadist scary leather freak. Russell badly want him to be a demanding, overbearing dom but I think he's probably just a sexy vanilla guy. Oh yeah, and Gerard Butler and Clive Owens...doms.

In my books so far I've based doms on Daniel Craig, Joe Manganiello, Alexander Skarsgard, Gabriel Aubry, Brad Pitt, Gregoire Colin, a couple of guys named Jim and Bryan that I met on, and of course, my friend "W" whose photos you all are always drooling over in my Hall of Hotness. Yeah, Lily Mine sooo came from him. Watched Jane Eyre recently, and believe me, Michael Fassbender's book is coming soon. Sigh..

Anyway, I just wanted to give props where props were due and thank all the hot men who have inspired me, and fantasize a little about who has a secret kinky life.

I also wanted to ask you, the readers, which celebrities turn you on and trigger your kinky radar? Share!


  1. I'm currently reading Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke (it's a historical romance, not BDSM or even erotica) but it's a pretty good book and Michael Fassbender fits PERFECTLY into the role of Conor.

    Deep in the Woods may have to be my next BDSM read. The cover is just so different from your other stuff that it didn't really work for me. But the topic sounds interesting.

    By the way, I think you're right about Russell Crowe. It would be nice, but nah.

  2. Don't laugh, but...mine is Alan Rickman as either Severus Snape or the Sheriff of Nottingham. I picture him as this sadist master type living in a dark, creepy castle, complete with a dungeon, of course. ;)

    ~ Diana

  3. Oh Amber, I hope you read Deep in the Woods! The cover soooo does not represent the book. AT ALL. I despise that cover and it's a large part of the reason I broke with Ellora's Cave. It also has a follow up/spin off called Fortune that is very dear to my heart. They both are very emotional books. Okay, begging over. :-)

  4. I read somewhere Russell calls out his own name during sex...

  5. LOL. i read that about Russell too.

  6. I'd call out Russell's name right along with him. I think he's that hot. He's cocky, and I've always found a bit of cockiness in a man to be very attractive. Not arrogance, however. Now THAT'S a turn-off.