Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A pack-away dungeon

I would love to have a room dedicated to our kink. A nice big St. Andrews Cross, a whipping bench, a gyno table... mmmm. But this is reality, not one of my books, and we don't have a dungeon room.

We have a lot of things that can help us make do, though.

First are the door jamb cuffs. The ones I'm pointing to are only for the arms, there are other sets that let you buy four at a time, in case you want the legs restrained, too. These are really lightweight and won't mess up the finish on your doors. The cylinder part seems to be those plastic cylinders that coin collectors use to store quarters, but they do their job and have lasted a while with no problems. The velcro cuffs work okay, but when we're home we use my heavy duty leather cuffs. However, if we are going out of town then we just pack the velcro cuffs that came with it and leave the good ones at home. The downside to these are that they aren't adjustable, and I'm short. As they came, I have to stand on my very tippy tippy toes when in them, so we use a snap hook between cuff and strap to give more space. Unless he wants me on my tippy toes, of course.

Next up is the Under the Bed Restraint System. You put the straps between the mattress and box springs and once you're in them, you aren't going anywhere. When not in use just tuck everything between the mattresses and it's out of sight. The straps are easily adjustable and can be tightened down after you are fastened into them, which makes for quick restraint and easy position changes. He most often uses them with me standing beside the bed, bent over it, with my arms stretched out to the side, so we are using only two of the attachment points instead of all four. He can also mimic a gyno table by situating me at the edge of the bed, pulling my arms to the side, and using the foot straps from the other end of the bed to pull my ankles up and back and out. The classic spread eagle is also easy to achieve (face up and face down), as are about a thousand other configurations.  I love that we can use them with my arms out to the side instead of over my head, which keeps my arms from falling asleep. Add a large bed wedge to the ability to restrain at four points and it really opens up the possibilities. I was tempted to buy a  Liberator a few times, but with what we have, there is no need.

A picture is worth a thousand words with this one - the Door Jam Sex Sling isn't as good as the high end sex slings - but those require a more permanent installation and cost about ten times what this costs. For the money and the packability, this can't be beat. Try it out the first time in a more relaxed setting (you know, not in a scene), so you can get it adjusted right and figure out how to relax into it. Wrist and ankle cuffs can be attached once you're in it to make sure you stay in it.

Lastly, we have two of these suction handles / attachment points that can go in either the shower or the bathtub. They lock on, and once they are on they don't come off, no matter how hard I pull, or how much of my weight I put on them. They can be unlocked and taken down, they aren't permanent... but they stay put while you are using them.

We have a metal loveseat in our bedroom, with metal arms and a metal lattice type back, and a padded seat -- it is super heavy duty and can also be used in all kinds of ways if you throw in a few tethers and wrist and ankle cuffs.

With the things I've listed, we can accomplish positions that you can normally only achieve on higher end dungeon equipment. When I write books, it's about the fantasy, and there is usually a fully stocked dungeon. But would a story revolving around something more realistic work just as well? Cuffs that can be put over the door in under a minute, restraints under the mattress and ready to be used whenever they are needed, and a nice heavy loveseat with lots of attachment points that weren't originally intended to be attachment points?

Or is the fantasy of having a room set up with all of the super sexy and scary equipment a better set up for books?


  1. I have read a couple of books that don't have fully stocked dungeons and the story was still just as good. I actually liked one of the books very much because the hero started out using silk scarves on the heroine and then used the under mattress tie downs. All of his "equipment" was normal every day stuff with a twist. I really liked it because I think that is probably what works for most people. Let's face it, a fully stocked dugeon would be hard to explain to the inlaws ;)

  2. I could probably hide a dungeon room from the inlaws, but I doubt it would be possible to keep it hidden from the kids.

    Our nine year old saw Christmas wrapping paper in our bathroom garbage and figured out we'd given gifts to each other she didn't know about. It drove her crazy when we wouldn't tell her what they were.