Thursday, March 8, 2012

New book release: Cirque du Minuit

It's always such a great feeling to have a new book come out, and when you really fall in love with your characters like I fell for Theo and Kelsey in Cirque du Minuit, it's even better!

Kelsey and Theo work on a show together. Theo is a trapezist, as well as a dominant, and Kelsey is a former gymnast new to circus life. When Theo's trapeze partner dies in a tragic accident, Kelsey impulsively reaches out to him. What follows in an exercise in "opposites attract" as they make their way through some very dark times together on their way to happily ever after. And have lots of anal sex. Yeah, this book has lots of buttsecks. True.

The idea for Cirque du Minuit was planted in my brain after I saw an aerial silks act a couple summers ago at a theme park with my family. A man and a woman performed it together...and they were both gorgeous specimens of physical loveliness. The man had a very "dom" type stage persona. About halfway through the act he did this very stylized movement of wrapping the silks around his female partner's wrists while she knelt at his feet. Okay, this was a family show. It probably wasn't meant to be erotic, but to me, it looked highly erotic. I thought of bondage, I thought of submission. The seed for Cirque du Minuit was planted.

There's something about the combination of physical strength and intelligent creativity. I tried to capture that in this book, and in the complex characters of Theo and Kelsey. I hope you'll give my new book a try, and I hope you'll find it sparks some creativity and arousal in your life.

You can learn more about Cirque du Minuit, read a blurb, and find buy links here at my Annabel Joseph blog.