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Kinky Kiss And Tell: Lyssa Lawrence-Halsey from Rite of First Claim

Lyssa Lawrence-Halsey first appeared in Unfair Advantage and made it very clear she didn't want to get involved with a younger man, especially if that man was Mike Halsey -- a man six years her junior and the younger brother of her sister's husband.

By the time her storyRite of First Claim, came around, life had dealt Lyssa some nasty blows. It made her reassess what she wanted and how she was going to get it, which opened her up to looking at Mike differently.

When I consider what happened in the book, I'm surprised Lyssa decided to speak with me, but her answers were very enlightening.

"Lyssa, thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to me."

Lyssa smiles and relaxes into the corner of her sofa, curling her legs under her. "I appreciate you thinking of me."

I laugh. "Considering the events you went through in Rite of First Claim I'm surprised you're willing to talk to me."

She shakes her head, her blonde ponytail swings against her neck and over her shoulders. "The results more than make up for everything that happened. Besides, I'm curious about the questions you could have for me."

I look down at the list. "Well, these are questions the authors on the Kinky Ever After blog came up with, so, first question, what is your favorite ice cream?"

Lyssa didn't even hesitate. "Neapolitan. That way I can have a bit of each flavor -- strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate -- if I want or just one."

I could see the logic in that. "What is your favorite thing about Mike?"

A soft smile lifts her lips. It isn't hard to see she's thinking about Mike in the way her blue eyes darken and a light flush colors her cheeks. "His possessiveness. It sounds silly, but when you grow up being told you were never wanted, having someone say that you belong to him -- not the icky stalker-obsessive-fan type of ownership, but a cherishing, protective possessiveness -- it makes you feel worthy of every loving touch and word."

I fought the urge to smile because I knew how important those feelings were to Lyssa's spiritual growth. "What does Mike do that is most annoying?"

Lyssa rolled her eyes and groaned.

I was pretty sure I knew what her answer would be, so I wasn't surprised when she answered.

"The picture thing. The man spent twelve years trying to get me to pose nude and now that we’re married he uses every opportunity to take pictures."

I knew the answer to the next question, but I asked it anyway. "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

A visible shudder accompanied the grim look on Lyssa's face. "Because of the other things that happened, I try not to remember that night, but I was seventeen and it sucked. Turned me completely off the idea of sex for a very long time."

I nodded in understanding and hurried on to the next question, "What is your favorite sexual talent of Mike’s?"

Lyssa's face took on a dreamy expression and a blush turned her cheeks rosy. "His imagination and the amount of time he takes. Sometimes it’s fast and furious, but other times it seems like he takes hours drawing every sensation to the ultimate level. And he uses every sense from smell to taste and, oh my," her eyes closed as a blissful smile lifted her lips, "the sound of his voice..."

"What is Mike’s weirdest habit?"

She grimaced, sipped her tea, then answered, "Normally I would say the fact that he’s always carrying a weapon of some sort, but really, it’s how still he gets. It’s a bit unnerving to be out somewhere and turn around to see him looking at the people around us with this intense expression. I’ve asked him about it, but he doesn’t tell me all of it. I’ve been tempted to ask his daughter, Tuma, about it, but she gets the same look on her face sometimes and I figure it has something to do with the trauma that placed her in Mike’s path when she was twelve." Her grimace grew apprehensive. "And in a way, I really don’t want to know."

I didn't give away the things I knew about Mike because it wasn't my place, so I hurried on to the next question. "If there is something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Mike what would it be?"

"That I wouldn’t have dismissed my attraction to him so easily. Both our lives would have been a lot different, but I also realize that if I hadn’t pushed him away, Tuma wouldn’t have been saved. I don't think Mike or I could ever imagine not having her in our lives"

"What is your favorite movie?"

Lyssa gave a sheepish grin. "I know I should pick something related to the fashion industry since that’s what I do for a living, but my favorite movie is Buckaroo Banzai. I adore Peter Weller and John Lithgow, and the movie is just so campy! It's great."

"What is the craziest place you’ve had sex?" I asked as I tried to mentally flip through the various scenes from Rite of First Claim to figure out what she'd answer.

"Hands down it would have to be the supply closet at the Diablo Blanco Club. It was the first time Mike and I had sex and that night actually cured me of my phobia about closets."

I laughed. "Well, I guess that's one way to do it."

She nodded, "Uh, yeah. I guess you could say that."

"Which do you prefer? Coffee, tea, or…?"

She held up her half-empty cup. "Tea, mostly herbal, to help calm me down. Being with Mike can be intense — sexually speaking and a little down time makes everything stay in balance."

That was an understatement. "What addiction can you not live without?"

"Hearing Mike say he loves me. It took me so long to accept that he really meant it, that hearing him say it, even in the most casual way, makes my insides melt."

There was no disputing her feelings, I gave her a minute to bring her mind back to the present. "Describe your favorite pair of shoes."

She giggled and unfolded one her legs from beneath her and wiggled her naked toes before tucking her leg back under her. "None. I prefer to go barefoot when I’m at home and I tend to stay close to the house, what with a toddler and a baby to take care of and my designs to work on. Even when I’m at Mike’s studio I don’t wear shoes, it drives him nuts."

"What do you most fear?"

There wasn't a moment of hesitation. "Losing Mike and our babies. I know he’ll never stop loving me, I trust him when he says that, but he still takes the occasional assignment that puts him in harm’s way and I worry every second he’s gone."

I nodded my understanding of her sentiments. "What would you like to come back as if you’re reincarnated?"

"I don’t care what I come back as, as long as I’m with Mike."

I couldn't help but tease, "Hmm, I'm sensing a theme here..."

She shrugged and grinned. "Perhaps, but you know better than anyone how hard he worked to get me to see how we can be happy."

I knew just what she meant. "If you could be in a (different) book, which book would it be?"

"I’m already in Mattie and Bryce’s story, Unfair Advantage, that’s plenty of exposure for me thanks. I love my happy ending. I love my Dom. I don’t need anything else."

"If your life were a book, what would you prefer the author not tell readers about you?"

She looked pensive and hesitant before she answered, "The worst part of me was my refusal to trust my instincts, my inner submissive, especially with Mike. Once that was laid bare, there were no other secrets that didn’t touch on that insecurity that were left unexposed."

"Last question. Who, living or dead, would be your hero if you have one?"

"Oh, that's easy. Mike is my hero. No matter how much I tried to push him away he was determined to rescue me even when I didn’t realize how much I needed to be rescued. A man who opens himself up the way he did; who took rejection after rejection; attack after attack and still didn’t give up who he is and what he stood for — that’s a man to be admired. I’m very proud to say he’s mine."

I put away my notes and gathered my things. "Thank you again for letting me chat with you, Lyssa."

Lyssa unfurled herself from the sofa and walked beside me to the door. "You're welcome, Qwillia. Thank you for visiting. And for writing Mike's and my story."

Lyssa Lawrence fought her feelings for Mike Halsey, but when Mother Nature decides to play dirty, she does the one thing she swore she'd never do...attend the Diablo Blanco Club's Midnight Masquerade on Halloween. Which places her squarely under Mike Halsey's control when he enacts the oldest rule at the DBC -- the Rite of First Claim.

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Alec Carter from The Lonely Dominant, by Ella Jade

Today we are interviewing Alec Carter, who became a bit notorious (famous, infamous, fell into the public eye, illustrious, stepped into the limelight, etc) when Ella Jade wrote a book about his/her relationship with Clara Whittaker. Here's what Alec had to say:

Do you have a favorite ice cream?
Vanilla… I'm not kidding. Vanilla can be hot when you add chocolate syrup, strawberries and whipped cream. Maybe a cherry or two…

Mmm. Cherries. What's your favorite thing about Clara?
Her willingness to trust me. We embarked on a D/s journey very early on in our relationship. She puts total faith in me when we're in the playroom. I'm sure that's not always easy for her, but her trust means everything to me.

Total trust can be such a turn-on, for both parties. What's your favorite sexual talent of Clara?
Clara is pretty innocent when it comes to the bedroom. If you read our story, you'll see what I mean. I usually don’t like to kiss and tell, but I'll make an exception since this is a Kinky Kiss and Tell interview. My girl has a pretty skilled mouth;) You'll see Ms. Jade is quite detailed in her descriptions.

If there were something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Clara, what would it be?
There isn't much I would change. We came together under different circumstances. I knew right off the bat Clara was submissive. I also knew she was more than my submissive. I think I would have liked to have gotten to know more of who Clara was outside of the playroom first. But it all worked out.

Which do you prefer? Coffee, tea, or?
I'll have to go with a latte. I met Clara at the local coffee shop where she worked. Most days she had my order ready before I even asked. She always knew how to please me.

What addiction can you not live without?
Sex with Clara, of course. As we grow as Dom and sub, we learn new things about the other. We play on the weekends, so I'm addicted to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We still have so much to explore.

How did you and Clara end up in your current arrangement?
I've dabbled in BDSM relationships but I was never hardcore. When Clara came to live with me, I knew she had a submissive personality. The first night we were intimate, I realized just how compatible we were. Here's a peek …

"I want to please you," Clara said. "I can't explain it, but I have these urges to make you happy."
"What do you mean?" I said, figuring we might as well put it all on the table.
"Ever since I met you, there's just been something about you. It's the way you act, and you always seem to have control over everything. It's really sexy."
I smirked, because she got me completely.
"When I hear you on the phone for work, you just say what needs to be done. You never ask, and you always get results. There are times when I think I want you to talk to me that way. Is there something wrong with me? I can't even believe I'm telling you this."
I laughed, because if there was something wrong with her, then I was certainly a head case.
"Clara," I picked up her shirt from the floor and handed it to her, "there's nothing wrong with you. I think there's a very specific reason we're drawn to one another."
"Do you know what a Dominant is?" Why waste time?
I was never the type to beat around the bush. When I wanted something, I put it out there. This was no different. She may not have realized it, but she was attracted to me because she was submissive. Exactly how submissive? I wasn't sure, but I hoped to find out.
She quickly put her blouse back on and buttoned it up. We'd have to work on her modesty, too. I planned to have her naked quite a bit.
"I think so," she said. "It's when a person takes on the dominant role in a sexual relationship."
I smiled. "Yes, that's part of it, but it's also the Dom's responsibility to teach and help his submissive reach pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. It's a mutually beneficial relationship between two consenting adults."
"Alec, are you dominant?"
"In almost every aspect of my life, especially in the bedroom."

If you'd like to read more of Alec's story, you can visit's the author's website,, or you can purchase a copy of The Lonely Dominant at Noble Romance.

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Cyrus from Deadly Captive: Collateral Damage, by Bianca Sommerland

After reading Deadly Captive: Collateral Damage, I'm not finding many people who want to interview Cyrus. Not that I can blame them. Since I'm the only one who can go in alone to speak to him and come out alive, I decided it would be best to speak to him myself.
Someone get me a stiff drink. I'm going to need it!
The damp air carried the scent of freshly turned earth and cut grass. Headlights cast a glow over the stone archway and the iron gates that kept trespassers from the grounds of the eighteenth century mansion. Not that anyone with half a brain would want to trespass. Not if they knew . . .
"You're late."
Ice cold crawled over my flesh like hundreds of tiny spiders escaping the light under my stiff, leather jacket. I rubbed my arms and tossed my head, glancing over at Cyrus as he stepped from the shadows of the archway.
"I was busy." I slipped one hand into my jacket and palmed the switchblade I knew I wouldn't need. Screw that. I'm not taking any chances. "I'm still busy, so let's make this quick."
The hem of his long black cloak—apparently he'd given up on a modern wardrobe—slithered around his boots as he moved towards me. His long, pale fingers came up towards my face, and I jerked away before he could touch me.
"You'll have to make more time for me—very soon." With a tight, smug smile, he stepped past me, gesturing back impatiently. "Walk with me while you conduct your interview. I've been indoors for far too long."
I laughed and joined him, keeping a foot between us as we strolled along the long dirt road. "You've been hiding. You know they're coming for you."
"I've been cautious. Don't irritate me, Bianca." He caught my wrist and pulled me against him. "I can't kill you, but I can make things very unpleasant."
"Having you in my head has never been pleasant."
"You wound me. And here I was, thinking we were friends." He lips brushed my cheek. "Or more."
"The interview." I wrenched away from him and cleared my throat. "I'm going to ask you about Lydia."
He motioned for me to go ahead and continued down the path.
"What is your favorite thing about her?"
His expression soften as he tipped his head to gaze up at the moonlit sky. "There's just something about a woman who, after losing everything, after being tortured and debased in the worst ways you can possibly imagine—not that I can possibly image, of course, I was actually quite nice to her—can still find the strength to look you in the eye and taunt you. She challenges me more than any man or woman I've ever met. I get bored so easily . . . but I haven't gotten bored with her yet."
Which explains why she's still alive. I couldn't help but glance back towards the gate and wonder if she'd thank me for that. If she'd bored him, she wouldn't be suffering now.
But I couldn't help her. So I asked the next question. "What does Lydia do that is most annoying?"
"Oh, that would be her tendency to sacrifice herself for others. Seems noble to most, but it's tiring." Cyrus sighed. "If she didn't have so many other good qualities, I'd give up on her. That one weakness made it far too easy to catch her again. I was hoping for more of a chase!"
"And instead, you ended up being the one on the run."
"Next question."
Uck, I'm not even sure I want to know the answer to this one. "What's her best sexual talent?"
He chuckled. "Is pain endurance considered a sexual talent? She's not a masochist, thank God." The smirk returned. "If she enjoyed me hurting her it wouldn't be much fun, but she can take a considerable amount of pain before passing out. I find that very appealing.
"What is Lydia's weirdest habit?"
"Weirdest habit? Hmm . . . ." He shook his head. "That would be singing to dying people. It's rather morbid."
"You're a fucking asshole, you know that." My throat tightened because I knew exactly what he was referring to. Damn, I wanted this over with. I took a deep breath. "If there is something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Lydia, what would it be?"
"That's a very good question. I don't think I would have given her to Joe. I often imagine how things could have been if I'd kept her for a time, pampered her a little, lulled her into a false sense of security. Then again, if I'd done that, I may have broken her. There are many things I want to do to her, but breaking her isn't one of them."
This I knew. I inclined my head. "If you could choose to be in any book, which book would it be?"
"Little Women. Just imagine what I could do with all those sweet young girls and their men. Can you?" The wind tossed a few loose strands of black hairs around his face and I could see him, probably with Jo, who'd last the longest with all the sick things he'd put her through. He grinned as though picturing the same. "Women back then were so sheltered. It's harder to shock women now."
Yeah, but you manage. "Who, living or dead, would be your hero if you have one."
"Perhaps De Sade. He was a visionary and his tastes were refined."
If only I didn't know what he meant by that. But I'd finally reached the last question, so I blurted it out, eager to leave. "You play on the fear and pain of your victims. Is there anyone that hurt you or that you are afraid of?"
His jaw tensed and he glared at me. "You know the answer to that."
"I know all the answers. This is for all your fans."
"I see." He spun around, striding towards the car that had brought me here, forcing me to run to catch up. For a moment, I was sure he wouldn't answer. But he did. "There was . . . one woman. I am not afraid of her, but if there is anyone alive who could hurt me, it would be her."
You'll all be happy to know I made it out of there in one piece! <g> He didn't have anything else to say to me. I don't think he's thrilled that I'm working on the last book in his series.
Too bad, ey. ;)

If you'd like to read more about Cyrus, you can purchase the Deadly Captive books at:

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Malcolm from Re/Bound, by Michele Zurlo

Today we are interviewing FBI Special Agent Malcolm Legato, who stepped into the limelight when Michele Zurlo wrote a book detailing his exploits, both as an undercover agent and under the covers with Darcy Markovich. Here's what Malcolm had to say:

What's your favorite ice cream?
My mom makes this homemade stuff with secret ingredients. I'd try to figure it out, but then I'd have to make it myself. I prefer to have it made for me. It's never the same flavor twice, and it always tastes like heaven. We just call it Mom's Ice Cream. Darcy likes it too.

Your favorite thing about Darcy?
Her inner strength. That woman has been through more heartache in her life than one person should have to bear. Yet she still wakes up every morning with a smile. She also uses that strength to let me push her boundaries. When we first met, she wasn't comfortable with bondage, but that's my favorite vice. I tried starting slowly, but that wasn't getting us anywhere significant. Her solution was much more fun. *grins* And of course, she pushes my boundaries too.

What does Darcy do that's most annoying?
She's a Painslut, which is incredibly hot, but if she had her way, we'd have a session every day. Sometimes she walks so close to the edge she scares me. She's pushed things too far in the past, and she knows better than to do it again. Trust is a two-way street. I have to trust her to know when something isn't right, and she has to trust my judgment about when I think she's had enough.  

What would Darcy say are your best and worst qualities?
Best? She'd probably get that sexy smile and say I'm a damn good Master. Worst? She says she has no criticisms at this time, but piss her off and she'll figure out something. She once called me arrogant, but then she said she found that attractive, so it's not a character flaw.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Eighteen, with my sister's best friend. Don't tell my sister, though. Then she'd get ideas about my best friend, and he's definitely not the guy for her. He's a great friend; don't get me wrong. It's just that he has trust and control issues where women are concerned. My sister is one of those really nice people who'd do anything for anyone. He'd steamroll right over her.

If there were something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Darcy, what would it be?
I would like to have met her under better circumstances. I would have liked to tell her my real name, what I really do for a living. I hated lying to her, but I had no choice. I couldn't blow my cover. There was too much at stake-- for both of us. 

What addiction can you not live without?
I have a biological need for coffee. I can't function before that first cup. Sometimes I don't really wake up until halfway through the second cup. Luckily, Darcy understands that I'm no good for conversation first thing in the morning. I am, however, always up for sex, which is my other addiction.

What kind of special skills do you need to get into the FBI?
Technical skills, computers, hacking, that kind of thing, is the most in-demand today. Of course, you have to be physically fit and able to use several kinds of firearms effectively. You also need a high degree of logic and an uncompromising sense of morality.

Who, living or dead, is your hero?
Theodore Roosevelt. The man is a legend. He defied just about every odd there is to become the greatest president of all time. That's why I chose "Theo" for my undercover handle. 

If you'd like to read more of Malcolm's story, you can visit's the author's website,, or you can purchase a copy of Re/Bound at:

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Paige Long from A Shot in the Dark, by Christine d'Abo

Today we are interviewing Paige Long, who became a bit notorious when Christine d’Abo wrote a book about her relationship with Carter. Here's what Paige had to say:

Thanks for having me here today.

Thanks for coming, we're looking forward to learning a little more about you. What's your favorite ice cream?
I think more than a few people are expecting me to answer coffee flavored, especially my brother Ian. But honestly, I love mint chocolate chip. There is something about the mix of bitter chocolate with the sweet mint that gets me going and makes me purr.

What's your favorite thing about Carter?
Besides the way he uses peas? Let’s see. I have to say it’s the way he understands what I want or need before even I do. He’s perceptive, which isn’t always an easy thing with me. Sadie tells me it’s because I’m prickly on the outside. Carter says that makes it better when he figures out what I want.

What does Carter do that is most annoying?
God, when he and the other firefighters come over for beer he somehow turns into a slob! Bottles and chip bags everywhere. I become everyone’s mom for the few hours they’re hanging out. Thankfully, I love them all. Otherwise, I’d have to kill them. He doesn’t even bother to try the Dom voice out on me after those sessions. He simply grabs a garbage bag and gets to work.

What is your favorite sexual talent of Carter?
His imagination. Seriously, that man spends half his time reading up on some new technique or thing to try. Not that I’m complaining. I love being his test subject when it comes to his ideas. I guess that’s the sub in me coming out. Let me simply say, I’ll never look at a scouring pad the same way again. 

What's Carter's weirdest habit?
He eats his breakfast standing up. I think he is anatomically unable to sit his ass in a chair until he’s scarfed down his toast and coffee. I keep telling him he’s going to get indigestion, but will he listen to me. Not unless I’m saying my safe word.

What is the craziest place you've had sex?
I probably shouldn’t be telling you this. The last thing I want is for Carter to get in trouble. But we did it in the back of the firetruck once. He was bringing it back from a summer street party and swung by to take me for a drive. He looked really hot in his fire hat and boots. And nothing else.

Which do you prefer? Coffee, tea, or…?
Yeah, here I can’t claim anything other than coffee or Ian would disown me. I guess that’s the drawback of owning a coffee shop. But when it comes to coffee, I do like mine plane. No cream or sugar or any of those damn flavor shots Ian always wants me to try. Simple, wonderful coffee.

Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
I have a cute pair of black pumps I like to wear. Now, there’re nothing fancy, but I love the way they make my legs and ass look, especially when I’m not wearing anything else. Carter definitely has a thing for me and these pumps. He says they remind him of me in a lot of ways. Sturdy, sexy and understated. He loves that. And I love him.

What do you most fear?
I used to fear ending up alone. It was hard to watch my brother and sister find people who made them happy, and thinking I wasn’t going to have that for myself. But now that I have Carter, the only thing I fear is not being able to make him as happy as he’s made me.

Christine will be giving away a copy of A Shot in the Dark to one random person. Make a comment on the blog and Christine will come back tomorrow (May 1) to select a winner.

A Shot in the Dark and the rest of the Long Shots series is available from Carina Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can visit her at her website, or follow her on Twitter @Christine_dAbo.

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Sten from Lust Plague, by Cari Silverwood

Hot on the trail of rumors of a vast area of deepest Europe being depopulated by a deadly zombie plague, we sent our intrepid reporter, Joanne Vax, to London airfield to interview survivors. Here is her exclusive report, transcribed live.

Many of the survivors refused to talk to me but they did refer me to one man, Sten, who is a frankenstruct – from a clone line that was given double-muscling and extreme warrior characteristics. I decided to track him down but tread carefully. Getting my head chewed off wasn’t on my list of things to do.

I found him checking the underside of an airship, the Princess Kay. The wind gusts tore at my notepad, flapping the sheets, and roaring in my ears.  He’s a very big man and wearing a plain navy woolen shirt with short sleeves and dark gray trousers. The large weapon sheathed at his back appears to be a shotgun. When I’m a few feet away his single gold earring resolves into a wolf’s head.

“Mr. Sten?” I grip a page that tries to tear free. “Sorry, I don’t know your last name!”

He stares at me while curled strands of his sandy hair whip across his forehead.

“Um…” Right, no last name. I draw a shaky line across that question.

“I was wondering, sir, if you’d answer a few questions regarding the rumors about a plague.” Caught by the cold, I hug myself, shiver, and rub my upper arms.

When he reaches up toward that shotgun butt and scratches his head, I jump.  I never liked guns.

“Well.” The depth of his voice surprises me, all the way down to my toes. He screws up his face, then shrugs.  “If you want to come with me while I check the Princess Kay, I’ll do my best. But no questions about any plague.” He grins.

None? Hell. Is it a secret then? Hmm. Maybe I can sneak some in. “Okay.

 I pump more ink into my fountain pen, ready to write. Asking questions while trailing along behind is odd, yet nice. I get to admire his broad shoulders. The man’s handsome in a rough and ready way. He seems to be poking every nook and cranny up there. Why, I have no idea.

“I’ve heard, sir, that you fell in love with an airship captain, a Kaysana Onomi? Can you tell me what your favorite thing is about her?”

He sniffs, then tosses his reply back. “Her hair – it’s beautiful. Like black silk. Oh, and the way she can tear a new asshole in anyone who annoys her. Sooo sexy.”

Uh. Really? I must remember that one for my next boyfriend “And” – I skip over a nest of large hoses piled on the tarmac – “and her most annoying trait?”

“Same! Because sometimes she tries it on me.” He sends a dark look at me over his shoulder. “And then I take her by the hair, hold her against a wall and pinch her nipples until she squeaks. Hehe. Damn fun.”

I swallow. I think my panties just got wet.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

“Fuck! What a question! Privacy, woman. Next!”

And now my hands are shaking again. I stare at the next question:  What sexual talent of Kaysana’s is your favorite? No way. I scribble that one out.

“Right,” I mutter. “If there was something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Kaysana, what would it be?”

Wooo. Uh. Less death, less people dying. Yeah that one. Maybe a holiday on the beach would have been nicer.”

Sneaky question time, Jo. Go for it. I nibble my lip. “So, these dead wouldn’t have been zombies, would they?”

His look is icy as a blizzard. “Bad question, Joanne. They were dead. Dead is always not good. Okay?”

“Okay,” I whisper while furiously nodding. Back away slow. “Um. Which do you prefer, coffee, tea, or something else?” Extract of cobra venom…napalm…blood of stupid reporter? I half-expect one of those.


God. A normal answer. How strange.

“What addiction can you not live without?”

His footsteps slow and he gazes off into the distance for a while. There’s only a gray London fog, so I know he’s thinking.

“Waking up next to my woman and being able to reach out and touch her and know we’re going to be doing this for a long long time.” He turns and puts out a hand to help me over a pile of tarpaulins. “Almost done. Just the reserve cargo hold. No one’s been in there since the ship got retrieved in Tibet.

“Oh.” Tibet – according to rumor, that was the dead center of this non-existent plague. I grip my pen tightly, like I can maybe use it to skewer anything dangerous that pops up.

I watch as he slides his shotgun free and flicks off some catch. He spins the middle gold chamber. I see the ends of bullets glint as they roll past. “Are we…safe?”

“Sure.” He uses a long hooked stick to undo the catch on the cargo bay above us. The door folds down with a hiss of hydraulics and something man-sized falls out.

“Run!” Sten yells.

After one mind-melting scream I bolt back over the tarpaulins and cower there, hiding.

The thing rises from the ground snarling. Gore and yellow ooze drips from the man’s open mouth. Something catches my eye. His mouth isn’t openhe has no lower jaw. The smell of putrid flesh rolls over me like a fat cloud, so thick I can taste it on my tongue. I retch.

“Damn.” Sten sighs, lifts his shotgun.

The thing lunges for him. Its blackened fingers flop backward as if hinged the wrong way.

Sten pulls the trigger. The boom of the gun deafens me and echoes. When I look up the thing is on the ground in pieces.  One last grope from its dismembered hand – I hear the fingernails scrape on the tarpaulin a foot from my nose – then it ceases to move. My heart is pounding so loudly I think it wants to leave home.

“Sorry ’bout that,” Sten announces. He flips a loose piece of tarp over the body and the pieces. “Any more questions?”

My teeth chatter a little before I choke the words out. “What…what do you most fear?” It’s a question on my list and so damn right just then.

Oooh. Snakes? Yeah, snakes.”

I try not to look bug-eyed. “Not zombies?”

“Hah! Zombies? They don’t exist.” Grinning, he plants his foot right on the biggest bulge in the tarp. It squelches. “Do they, Miss Vax?”

“Um. No?”

“Good answer. Very. Good. Answer.”

I smile stiffly then shake the hand he offers. I am never ever visiting Tibet.

If you'd like to read more of Sten's story, you can visit's the author's website,, or you can purchase a copy of Lust Plague (Steamwork Chronicles Book 2) at these bookstores:

Cari Silverwood is being interviewed over at today, where she'll be talking about her Steamworks Series.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kinky Kiss and Tell - Kate O'Neill from Raw Silk by Lisabet Sarai

Today we are interviewing Kate O'Neill, whose outrageous behavior was chronicled in Lisabet Sarai's book Raw Silk. Arriving in Thailand for an employment opportunity, Kate found herself involved with two very different men, but ended up giving herself to dominant Gregory Marshall. Here's what Kate had to say about her journey of sexual self-discovery:

What did you expect when you moved to Bangkok to take the job of senior software engineer at DigiThai Limited? 
Well, I expected to have some new experiences. I've always loved traveling but I'd never been to Asia. And I knew that Thailand was somewhat notorious as a sensualist's paradise. But I never expected that I'd participate in the sort of outrageous encounters orchestrated by both Somtow and Gregory. I saw myself as modern, sexually liberated and adventurous. I had no idea how much further I'd go – ultimately to the point of becoming my lover's willing slave.
The choice changed my career, too. I'd thought I'd spend a year or two in Thailand, then return to the U.S. Now I'm managing directory of my own software company as well as co-owner of a Bangkok fetish club. Thailand has become my home. My decision to respond to that employment ad totally altered the course of my life.
By the way, I don't regret it for an instant!
What is your favorite thing about Gregory Marshall?
Do I really have to pick a single item? I'd love to talk about the way he towers over me, making me feel vulnerable and helpless. Or those shivery blue eyes of his, like lasers, slicing through all my doubt and self-deception, making it crystal clear what I really crave. Or the way the flames tattooed on his biceps seem to dance and sway as he moves inside me...
But I guess what draws me most strongly to my master is his intuition. I'd never considered myself a submissive person. Quite the contrary, I've always been bossy and assertive. You don't get ahead as an engineer without some ability to toot your own horn. Gregory saw my true nature through the mask. Somehow he knew how I'd react to his dominance, and understood just how far to push me each time we were together.
I was shocked to discover I wanted to obey, to serve, to be beaten, sodomized and more. Gregory understood that I'd love it, that it would fulfill a deep need I hadn't even known existed - long before I was willing to admit the truth to myself.
How old were you when you lost your virginity? 
I was seventeen. I know that it's supposedly forbidden to talk about teenagers having sex, but that's just so dishonest – I can't deal with it. Love and lust are never as intense as when you're a teen.
My high school boyfriend and I planned our first lovemaking for weeks. We drove out to the meadows on the edge of town and lay down together on a blanket under the summer stars. It was gorgeous and deliciously romantic. I should mention that the notion we were doing something forbidden added an extra spark – not that we needed that since we were crazy about each other, but it gave the whole experience a dimension of plain fun. Of course, our romance ended, like most teen love, as we matured and went our separate ways. But I cherish the memory.
What is your favorite sexual talent of Gregory Marshall?
It doesn't matter what Gregory does. Everything about him is sexy. He just gives me an order in that slightly impatient tone of voice – the one that makes it clear he intends to be obeyed – and I'm soaked. He asked me once, early in our relationship, if I dreamed of being beaten. I replied, “Of course not!” - even as I began to melt. “Ah, Kate, I think you've forgotten your dreams”, he replied with that devilish smile of his.
He doesn't even need to touch me. I know this sounds impossible, but he can make me come with his voice, and his will, alone.
Most of the time, of course, he uses nipple clamps or a flogger, a cane or a butt plug, to add to the effect...
If there is something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Gregory, what would it be?
I wouldn't have fought so hard against the knowledge that I was submissive. I've never been what you'd call a prude, but I was appalled by the things he made me do – the things he “made” me want. I couldn't admit that my self-image was so incomplete. I am intelligent, talented, competent, powerful – the fact that I submit to Gregory's will doesn't change that. I know he values my abilities – in fact, we first met in the context of a technical project he wanted me to undertake. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that surrender to him made me complete and brought me incredible joy. If I knew then what I know now, I think I would have given him my heart and my soul a good deal sooner.
What is the craziest place you've had sex?
Well, there are quite a few “crazy” places discussed in the book. How about in an airport parking garage? Among the ruins of a historic temple? In a private cubicle of a Chinese restaurant? Standing in an ornamental fountain? On stage in a Bangkok go-go bar? I'm not sure which of my experiences counts as the most insane. I do know that when I'm in the grip of desire, I often don't care about where I am.
What addiction can you not live without?
Do you really need to ask that? My master, of course. I'm not sure I'd call him an addiction, though. That implies that my attachment to Gregory is unhealthy, and I don't believe that's true at all. Despite the rather extreme, and sometimes painful, treatment he administers, I know that he cherishes me and would never seriously hurt me.
For me, submission has proved to be a path to self-knowledge and greater peace. Not to mention intense pleasure that more than balances the pain!
I supposed I could live without it. But I'm not sure, now, that I'd want to.
What do you most fear?
As a liberated, independent, professional woman, I'm embarrassed to say this, but I fear losing Gregory. He can be moody and unpredictable. Although he can read me with unfailing accuracy, sometimes I can't guess what he wants or needs. The longer we've been together, the more he's opened up to me. Still, there are times when he “goes dark” and I don't understand why. If I displeased him – if he left me – honestly, I don't know what I'd do. I'd survive, I guess, but it would be a huge blow. Actually, I think what I'd do is try to get him back.

 If you'd like to read more of Kate's story, you can visit the author at or, and you can purchase a copy of Raw Silk at Total-E-Bound.

One lucky commenter will win a copy of Raw Silk. Winner to be chosen Saturday, April 28th. Good luck!

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Tansy Roberts from Named and Shamed, by Janine Ashbless

Today we are interviewing Tansy Roberts, who became notorious when Janine Ashbless wrote a book about her sexual adventures with the fairies, entitled “Named and Shamed”. Here's what Tansy had to say:

What is your favorite ice cream?
I remember a chocolate coconut one. Oh, I miss that! Ever since Them There (can I say “The Fairies” here? Is it safe?) came back … well, there’s not been that much chocolate or coconut available here. It’s just too dangerous to get freight shipping through the mists, I guess.

How did you meet the Ganconer?
I desperately needed a favour for a friend, and the Ganconer volunteered to help if I’d have sex with him. Which I didn’t mind at all, at the time, because he’s HOT. I mean … sort of David Beckham looking. Remember him?
Let me tell you – never judge a book by its cover. I got into a whole world of trouble that night.

What does the Ganconer do that is most annoying?
Well, I’d have to say that putting me under a death-curse when we fucked, and then refusing to lift it unless I found out his secret name … that was fairly annoying. But hey, I rose to the challenge.

What is the craziest place you've had sex?
In Fairyland. In the Seelie Court of the Cornovii. That was fairly crazy by almost any standards, although at least I managed to get out before it turned Unseelie. I’ve also had sex in a garage workshop (with 5 men), on a table in a public restaurant, over the back trunk of a police car, over a pool table in a bar (yes, it was full of people), in a wood (lots), a bus stop and a stables. Among other places. I’ve been busy.

What addiction can you not live without?
Sex. I mean that literally. That’s the nature of the Ganconer’s curse, or a part of it, anyway. I’ve learned to manage it, of course. With help from a lot of people. Uh … yeah, this is a bit embarrassing. Although everyone who’s read the book knows that I like several guys at once, and I’ve got a bit of a thing for public display and humiliation. That Named and Shamed book even has line illustrations by John LaChatte of my most wild and degrading moments.
So yes, ‘fessing-up in this interview … that’s turning me on too.

Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
The King of the Fairies gave me this pair of boots … well, they’re like long gladiator sandals actually, all red leather strapping, right up to the knee. I love those. I’ve still got them, actually.
They go with the red leather straps I had to wear when I was kept in his kennels, but I was only allowed to wear the boots when he took me outside the palace, to get me laid. But you’ll be disappointed to hear that they’re flats. Come on – I’m six foot as it is! If I wore heels I’d look ridiculously tall.

What would you like to come back as if you're reincarnated?
I have a feeling I’d come back as a ferret. I read that if a female ferret doesn’t have sex, she actually sickens and dies … so ferret-fanciers keep vasectomised males called hoblets to keep the girls happy. That sounds a lot like me.

If you could be in a (different) book, which book would it be?
My life already reads like “Rumpelstiltskin,” only with less straw, and more crazy perverted sex.

If your life were a book, what would you prefer the author not tell readers about you?
Well, that Ashbless cow has already told everyone that it was my own fault I needed a favour from the Ganconer. I’d “borrowed” an original manuscript copy of the poem “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti, from a collector. I really did mean to return it before he got eaten by his mistress. (I do mean eaten – she’s an ogress. You know – twelve foot tall, big muscles, bites people’s heads off and grinds their bones to make her bread … you get the picture). Is it my fault I mislaid the manuscript?
Well, okay, yes– it is my fault. But I put it right. I don’t wash my hands of stuff like that, no matter what the cost.

Do you have any advice for our readers?
Hell yes! – don’t go out after dusk. Always leave your house-hobgoblin a saucer of cream at night. Carry salt and iron nails and rowan twigs in your pocket at ALL TIMES. If you find yourself unable to find the exit from a mall or parking lot, take your clothes off and put them on again inside-out. And if you meet a fairy – BE POLITE. It might save your life.
No promises, though.

Who, living or dead, would be your hero if you have one.
Huh. Jack the Giant Killer.

If you'd like to read more of Tansy's story, you can visit's the author's website,, or you can purchase a copy of Named and Shamed at these bookstores:

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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Joe Peterson from The Deputy Joe Novels by James Buchanan

Today we're peaking in on a conversation that morphs into Deputy Joe Peterson being interviewed by Kabe.  

We’d gone down into Salt Lake City, Joe and I, to meet with this lawyer Joe found. Supposed to be really good. Just a consult to see if we might get my probation cut short. When we came in, the receptionist said Mr. Aaron Bulger, Esq. had been detained in court for a sentencing hearing. She set us up in a waiting room that looked like an upscale Western whore house and got me coffee and water for Joe. Then she told us she was headed out on lunch and if we needed anything to push the buzzer and one of the secretaries or paralegals would come out.
Of course, we got to sit a while. Bored. Bored. Bored. I thumbed through the magazine selections to try and take my mind of my stress. My choices were things like NewsWeek, National Geographic or Cosmo. Just for shits and grins I grabbed one of those sexed up, more ads than content, glossy rags. Maybe I could at least make fun of chicks who looked like the heroin addicts who hung out in the Mission district back in the City by the Bay. Seriously, ‘cause I wasn’t up to starving child soldiers or endangered rainforest cats right then.
I chose one with a candy coated cover featuring a model in not enough clothes and too much airbrushed makeup.  Flipped randomly through pages until I hit one of those quizzes: How What He Likes Tells You What He’s Like. Why not? “Hey, Joe,” I grabbed one of the freebee pens off the cup on the table, dropped my butt into a green leather wing chair and asked, “What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?”
“What, Kabe?” Joe looked me like I’d been smoking crack. “You want ice-cream…right now?”
“Bored.” Holding one corner, I flipped the magazine in the air so that the paper rattled in the breeze. “Ice-cream flavor!”
He glared at me. I could eat those glares three times a day and still be hungry for more. “I don’t know.” Joe screwed up his face like he actually had to think about it.  “Vanilla.”
“Seriously.” Joe was so anything but vanilla. “Vanilla?” And I had to tease him because, you know, he had to think about answering vanilla as his favorite flavor of ice cream.
“Yeah.” He leaned up against the arm of a Victorian red-velvet couch, his leg just brushing up against mine. “What does it say?”
“Hmm,” I looked over the test results, “not flashy, all American, yeah that’s you and then some. Risk taker. Okay, not so sure about that.”
“Me?” He teased back, “Or that Vanilla is risky?”
“Both.” I shot back. “Okay, alright, yeah you do mountain climbing, you’re pretty fucking kinky…the rest of it though.”
Joe rolled his shoulders and one of his big country boy smiles took over his face. “I took a risk on you.” Smoke rolled through his voice and lit my senses up. “I risked my whole career for you.”
“Yeah.” Holy shit, he was hot. “Okay. Score one for you.” Wished we were home, back at our cabin outside of Panguitch and not some lawyer’s office in Salt Lake City.
“Your’s?” He settled down into the seat of the couch and bumped my knee with his. “What do you like?”
I didn’t even have to think too much on that. “I like sorbets more than ice cream.” Rolled through the various tastes, “berries, sweet/sour tastes. Just LIKE you.” I licked my lips.
“And?” Joe leaned in with the prompt, “what does that mean?”
I read through it a bit and condensed it down. “Health nut.”
He laughed in one of those healthy, deep laughs. “That fits.” I could taste the tease in his voice.
“Bite me.” I shot back. “Okay, next question…coffee or tea.” As I read it off I had to snort a bit. Shit, Joe didn’t ever drink either. “I got this.” I couldn’t stop laughing as I answered for him. “Neither! He’s Mormon. There’s no third option for like, I don’t know, lemonade, a glass of milk? Oh my fucking God, I can’t even score you on that.”
“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.” Joe snapped as he cast a quick glare around the room. “Need me to blister your butt to remind you of that?” I guess he wanted to make sure no one had snuck in without us noticing.
“Don’t threaten me with a good time.” Teased him with what we both liked. “Seriously, okay. I’m going more with coffee: black coffee. That whole religious thing just reads traditional. I think that’s what you’d drink if you drank the stuff.” Flipped through the pages to the answer section. “Let’s look at the results page.  Strong. Stern. Can be moody, yeah okay that is so true.” I got another glare from Joe. Pointed the magazine over at him and laughed. “Make my point for me there.” I continued reading. “Difficult but dependable. Stable where everyone goes to in times of need. Okay, and me, ‘cause I know you’ll ask.  Straight up espresso…hard bitten, leadership – maybe not that ‘cause I let you take the lead – but totally into the game in the sac.”
He rolled his eyes and leaned back into the couch. “You gonna keep reading that junk?”
“Lawyer’s not here yet. I can’t play Words With Friends twenty-four seven.” The food quiz already tired me. I tossed that magazine on the table and grabbed up another glossy rag. “Here’s another one.” Something about honesty with yourself to make things work. Yeah, right. Figured I could flip it around and screw with Joe some.
“Another one? Why don’t you read something worthwhile?” He waved towards the stack on the table. “Like that one over there.”
“You know what, I don’t really want to be depressed by reading about modern day slavery in Sub-Sahara Africa.” Looked at the cover, found the page number, and the flipped to the right section. Skimmed through the questions and chose one most likely to annoy him. “Alright what does your man do that is most annoying?”
Both eyebrows went up. “My man?” I got the cop stare down: the don’t-give-me-bullshit glare.
Wouldn’t give up half that easy. “Me.” Tapped my chest with the spine of the magazine. “What do I do that do that drives you nuts?”
He snorted. “What do you not do that doesn’t drive me nuts?” He crossed his arms over that big chest of his.
“Good thing I speak Joe ‘cause otherwise I’d never be unable to untangle that sentence.”
Took a few minutes before he answered, “That mouth of yours. That’s what annoys me.”
“I thought you liked my mouth.” Stuck my tongue between my teeth, just a bit, and tapped my upper lip with it.
“What you do with it,” he corrected, “not the filth that comes out of it.”
“Well, fuck you.” I kicked his shin with the toe of my shoe. “I’m not changing that.” Looked through the article and found another question worth answering. “What is your favorite thing about me?”
Joe shifted a little like I made him uncomfortable. “Those aren’t the questions in there.” His face tightened up, almost pouty, and he growled, “You just want an excuse to make me stroke you.”
Most of the time I didn’t need an excuse to get Joe to stroke me. Usually, I just have to give him a glance or touch his shoulder and he’s up for damn near anything I can think of. There wasn’t anyway that was happening for a least a few more hours. “Ahhh, just answer the question, Deputy.”
“You’re a brat.”
Like I didn’t know that. I cultivated that. “I am, but what’s your answer.” After all, both of us like me that way.
“That’s my answer.” Joe leaned over. Came close so he could whisper. “You’re a brat.” Then he grinned, all wicked. “Don’t. Ever. Stop.” The slow, deliberate way Joe said it, sent my blood rushing south.
As discreetly as I could, I move my hand down and shifted my dick over just a bit. “What, you don’t want me to do the ‘Yes, sir. No, sir,” routine.” I kept my voice down too. I mean, this was Utah. Not everyone tolerated guys like Joe and I. “Lick your boots. Grovel at your feet.” Beyond just being gay…the whole leather aspect of our relationship would go over like a lead balloon around here.
“Don’t you dare.” He smirked.
I hissed out the promise, “Never.” Okay, if we stayed that close, I was going to have to snog Joe witless. I rolled my shoulders and sat back in the chair. “What is my weirdest habit?”
“Weirdest?” Joe rocked back as well. “Weirdest, lets see. That thing you eat. You know the yogurt-barley-rice thing that you eat for breakfast, that smells like feet.” He screwed up his face all nasty…same way he did when I made it. “Actually, half that vegetarian junk you make me eat. That stuff is weird.”
“Pazhaya Sadam.” My grandparents fed me that when I was a kid. Dadaji called it peasant food…outta respect not disdain. “That’s not a habit.”
Joe’s sour face didn’t easy up much. “Since you keep eating it, yeah it’s a habit.”
Well that question didn’t lead us anywhere fun. Even killed my hard on. I searched until I found something that might be more amusing. “What my best sexual talent?”
Joe’s eyes went wide. “You’re going to ask that here?” He leaned forward and kinda peered down the hall towards the inner offices and then out towards the elevators. I guess he reassured himself that no one was around, because he licked his lips and looked all sheepish. “Ah, let’s see.” Red started to creep up the back of his neck and into the tips of his ears. He was so sexy like that. “You’re as flexible as a cat. You can take everything I give out.”
“And you give it good and hard.” I got up and sat next to him on the couch. I wanted to tease him but still played it safe. “Whip me. Beat me.” I teased quietly. Then I whispered in his ear. “Send me to heaven.”
Joe shuddered. “I promise, when we get home.” He swallowed hard.
No lawyer in sight, so I asked another question. “What is the craziest place you’ve had sex?”
“You’re not even looking at the magazine.” Joe chided. Still, he answered. “Like you don’t know.”
Actually, I didn’t. I wouldn’t consider any of the places we’d had sex – back of the truck, outside, kitchen floor – wild. “Hey we’ve gotten down in some pretty fun places. What do you consider the weirdest?”
“Well, let’s see.” He blew out a slow breath between his tense lips. “Ah, there was that time up on the cliff, you know. Couple hundred feet up and you got busy with your mouth.”
Okay, that did equate to freaky even on my scale. “That got pretty crazy.” Gave Joe a blow job while we’d been climbing. Clipped into our ropes, perched out on a ledge of rock hardly big enough to fit our feet without our toes hanging off the edge. The second time we ever had sex. The first time, the night before, Joe’d tied me up in the back of his truck. I knew then that I’d found myself one of those quiet on the outside but total freak underneath guys.
“We done with twenty questions?” He pushed on the side of my head with his fingers.
“No.” I had a wicked idea, you know, since I’d gotten him this far. “One more, last one.”
“Okay.” Looking all resigned, he kinda huffed it out. “I guess.”
“No bullshit.” Tried to be as serious as I could. “I ask it you have to answer.”
Joe shook his head. “Whatever.”
“Not whatever.” I scooted to the edge of the seat so I could turn back some and look direct into his eyes. “You’ll answer.”
“Get on with it.” He growled.
I licked my lips and then asked, “Do you love me?”
“Ahh…” Joe’s face went white. I could see his adam’s-apple bobbing in his throat. “Uh, well, ah.”
Oh my, God, I’d floored him. I leaned in, “Answer me.” And then I heard it behind me. I jumped up and turned. The elevator door opened and an older man in a dark suit rushed in.    
“I’m so sorry, I’m late. Kabe Varghese?” He held out his hand as he walked over.
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“Wonderful.” He started to walk off.  Joe scrambled off the couch and motioned me to move. “Just follow me to my office and we’ll get started –”
Damn, no answer…at least not today.

If you'd like to read more of Joe and Kabe's story you can visit the author at, and you can purchase copies of the books at


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Kinky Kiss and Tell - Emily Carrington from Ride the Lightning, by Lex Valentine

Today we are interviewing Emily Balmont Carrington, who became famous when Lex Valentine wrote a book about her tumultuous relationship and mating with Vahid Delrey. Here's what Emily had to say:

What's your favorite ice cream?
Oh, anything chocolate.  When I was pregnant, I sent Vahid out almost nightly in the wee hours for any kind of ice cream with chocolate. 

What is your favorite thing about Vahid?
His possessiveness and protectiveness.  I come from an abused background where my father kept me locked up, refused to educate me and beat me regularly for supposed infractions. When I escaped, as damaged and twisted as I was, I ended up with Stefan Guerlain who ran a BDSM club in Paris for demons and deviants. Stefan kept me as his slave and I spent several years being abused by him until I was rescued by Dave Forrester who became my best friend. After that, other than Dave, I was alone and afraid for a very long time. Vahid has given me a place to call my own, in his arms, at his side, in his bed. The first few years we knew each other, he ignored me which was a pain I can never forget. Once he understood my past, confessed his love and mated me, he became very protective of me and I love it. We belong together and his possessiveness and protectiveness stems from that. 

What does Vahid do that's most annoying?
He’s an ass kisser with our boss, Sean. It drives me nuts how he caters to him! It doesn’t help that Sean is my cousin and Vahid doesn’t need to kiss his ass. He still does it. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

What is your favorite sexual talent of Vahid’s?
His expertise with whips.

What is the craziest place you've had sex?
The gazebo in the wildest part of the garden at Gargoyle Lodge. It was also the first time Vahid and I had sex.

What addiction can you not live without?
Meat. LOL I’m a total carnivore. I eat more meat than my mate and he’s a pretty big dragon. But I can’t go a day without a big slab of meat.

What do you most fear?
I fear not being loved, not having Vahid. I’ve been there before and it drove me to a dragon death spiral, a form of suicide for dragon shifters. I lost all will to live when I thought he would never love me. That feeling is the only thing in the universe that I fear.

If you could be in a (different) book, which book would it be?
I am already in several of the Tales of the Darkworld books. I don’t mind being a secondary character in the other stories. Everyone has people in their lives and those people help the heroes and heroines tell their stories and give color and texture to the books. I rather like the idea of being color and texture since before I was mated, people often thought of me as bland and fading into the background. ;)

If your life were a book, what would you prefer the author not tell readers about you?
Well, a lot of my life is a book. I wish the author hadn’t told some of the details of how Guerlain abused me like chaining me with the dogs and forcing me to have sex with women, but I understand why she did. The reader needs those details in order to understand my twisted emotions and motivations and how I became so damaged as a submissive. It’s hard to get why someone who has a great job, more money than they could spend in a lifetime and supportive family would want to kill herself. The details the author provides helps readers sympathize with me. So as much as I wish she hadn’t spilled my secrets, I understand her need to.

Who, living or dead, would be your hero if you have one.
My best friend Dave Forrester and his brother Garrick are my heroes. They own a popular nightclub called Wicked Pleasures in Paris. They also own a private BDSM club above it called Beyond Pleasure and Dave owns another BDSM club in Southern California, Far From Heaven. Dave saved my life and took me away from Guerlain. He and Garrick helped me build a life for myself and they taught me correct BDSM practices. They taught me that what Guerlain had done to me as a slave was unconscionable. They helped heal me although it wasn’t until I mated Vahid that I actually began to use a safe word. Up until then I would choose inexperienced masters who would whip me until I fell unconscious because I would not use a safe word. I was damaged goods, but it was Dave and Garrick who did most of the work repairing me. Vahid and his love just completed it.

If you'd like to read more of Emily's story, you can visit's the authors website,, or you can purchase a copy of Ride the Lightning at these bookstores:
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Kinky Kiss & Tell: Jake Boudreaux from Poker Posse Book 1

Bryce had to reschedule his interview, so a new character I've been working with has kindly offered to step in and take his place. Please follow me as I chat with Jake Boudreaux from a new series I'm working with.

Jake Boudreaux slouches on the side of his Harley and watches as I ease my Santa Fe into a parking spot. The warmth of late morning in spring in Georgia has a low mist hovering over the grass and the drone of insects as the sun eases toward its zenith. He looks comfortable in his faded jeans, green tee shirt and scuffed biker boots. The black leather jacket is draped over the back of his bike while the matching leather chaps emphasize the muscles in his thighs and frame the substantial bulge behind his button-fly. In typical bad-boy fashion, he’s left his hair long, letting the glossy chocolate brown waves caress his shoulders, and his morning beard unshaven.

If there’s one thing that makes me nervous, it’s meeting a new character for the first time. Especially before I’ve even finished his book. I shut the engine off and climb out of the truck, dragging my tote bag with my notebook, pen, and the list of questions with me. I approach him with a smile I’m sure is more nerves than confidence. I hold my hand out. “Mr. Boudreaux, thank you for agreeing to meet with me.”

His hand is warm and callused as it swallows mine, but gentle, no squeezing, just a firm clasp. The sun-darkened skin evidence of his time in hotter climes is shades browner than my own pasty skin. “My pleasure, Miz Rain.”

The southern drawl is pronounced in his voice, an attempt to put me at ease, I’m sure, but it doesn’t. I know what he’s done with his life, the places he’s been. Laid back country boy may be the persona he’s trying to exude, but specially trained warrior and hacker extraordinaire is what he is.

The grin he gives me assures me he knows exactly what I’m thinking. “Shall we sit down?” He motions to the picnic table a few yards away and I head in that direction, with him a few paces behind me.

Once I’m settled across from him, he waits for me to begin.

I fiddle with the papers and clear my throat before saying, “This interview is for the Kinky Ever After blog, so the questions are ones the authors have asked of their characters.”


“What is your favorite ice cream?”

“Butter pecan.”

“What is your favorite thing about Norah Lipton?”

A soft smile lifts his lips and the chill in his azure gaze melts away. “The way she looks at me. At the real me.”

I jot a note down, a reminder to make sure I make that clear in the story. “And what does Norah do, what habit does she have, that is most annoying to you?” I could list a dozen things I’ve discovered about Norah but so far in the story there’s nothing that…

“She comes too fast.”

I blink, thrown by the answer. “She comes…?”

Jake nodded, leaning forward, forearms braced on the worn wooden table. “Too fast. Yes. Twelve years is a long time to want someone, Miss Qwillia, and I consider all the things I still aim to teach her, the fact that she’s climaxing so quick, tests my control.”

The grin that spreads over his lips and the glint in his eyes tells me this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Jake’s mind. While I’m still trying to find my voice for the next question, he continues.

“Not that I mind too much. It just means I get to wind her up again and again before it’s my turn.”

I can feel the heat in my cheeks, not to mention between my thighs. I swallow. Why do I get myself into these situations… I shake off the thought and ask my next question. “How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

The ice returns to his gaze and the smile disappears. “Twelve.”

The clipped tone and foreboding expression warn me off, but I ignore them, determined to dig deeper. “Twelve? That’s far too young, Jake. What happened?”

He shakes his head. “Miss Qwillia, Norah likes your books. She’s right pleased that you’re tellin’ our story, but she’s gonna read this interview and I don’t want her knowing some things. Not yet.”

An inkling of an idea whispers in my mind and I think I know what he’s not telling me, so I let it go. After making a note to revisit the question during revisions, I look at the paper and grin at the next question. “What is your favorite sexual talent of Norah’s?”

That brought the grin back and eased the tension in his body. Leaning forward, he winks at me. “I’m teachin’ her new ones every day. Give us a few years to get the basics down then we’ll talk, okay?”

I laugh and roll my eyes at him. “Yeah, yeah.” I look at the list and ask, “What is Norah’s weirdest habit?”

Heat darkens his gaze and he gives me a wicked smile. “Hiccups.”

I stop, my pen stilled half-way through writing the word. “Hiccups?”

“She gets the hiccups when she’s too excited.”

An image of one of the love scenes from their story surfaces and I remember just how Jake cured her hiccups the last time they struck. I pick up the notepad and fan my flaming face before croaking out the next question, “How did you meet Norah?”

This time he did laugh. He got up from the bench and moved around to my side of the table. With his back to the table, he sat back down letting his legs stretch out and his elbows rest behind him on the wooden surface. “She beat me up at school.”

As he said it, the images flooded my mind. I have to admit, I love interviewing my characters because the memories that they recall are often telegraphed directly into my head. Since the readers couldn’t see what I saw, I asked for the details. “Explain.”

“I was twelve, Norah was ten. Nick, her big brother, was in the same grade as me and we got into a scuffle over something that was said. I bloodied his lip and knocked him on his ass and Norah took exception to that. She came chargin’ over and kicked me in the shin and punchin’ me in the arms. She may be a little bitty thing but when she gets riled I wouldn’t mess with her.”

“Did you stop her?”

He shook his head. “Nah, I thought it was cool that Nick’s little sister would go wadin’ in on a fight. Nick wasn’t happy about it and when he grabbed holda her I was afraid he was gonna hit her, so I stepped between ’em and told Nick to keep his hands offa her.” A chagrined look flashed across his face. “Nick yelled at me for thinkin’ he’d hit a girl, even if it was his sister, and Norah yelled at Nick for yellin’ at me. It was the darnedest thing.”

I chuckled as the scene played out again in my mind. “But you and Nick became best friends.” It was a statement not a question.

“Damn straight. Harlen Krikkel, too.”

I looked at the list of questions. Eleven more to go. I plow ahead despite my interest in learning more about Nick and Harlen and Jake’s time in the Marines. “If there was something you could change about the first few weeks you knew Norah, what would it be?”

That coldness descended over his features and he stared off into the distance, refusing to look at me. I knew he was thinking about the events surrounding the loss of his virginity. My stomach flip-flopped at the idea that that would have happened so soon after he met Norah. “The weekend after we met.”

“How would you change it?” I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get details but a general idea would help my suspicions.

“I would stay home instead of goin’ to visit my dad in Savannah.” The clipped, determined tone assured me nothing else would be forthcoming.

“What about now, since you've returned to Magnolia and ran into Norah again? Would you change anything about the first few weeks then?”

He took his time thinking about his answer. “Not much. My assignment was need-to-know, and despite what you or Norah think, she didn’t need to know.”

I glare at his arched eyebrows and ‘so there’ look and go to the next question. “What is your favorite movie?”

His lips pursed and his brow wrinkled as he thought about it. “It’s a toss up between Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

I chuckle. “Ah, the classics.”

He nudged me with his elbow. “Hey, you know you like ’em. If you were talkin’ tv, I’d have to add Sherlock, Leverage, and Burn Notice. But I don’t get to the movies very often, and I only catch the shows on Netflix or Hulu.”

Considering what I know about his lifestyle and his work, I can see that’s very true. “So, where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?”

He winked at me. “I’ll take the fifth on that one.”

Not even a puppy-dog eyed pout changes his mind, so I ask the next question. “Which do you prefer? Coffee, tea, or…?”

“Coffee before noon. Sweet tea afternoon. And vodka or bourbon after five.”

“What addiction can you not live without?”


“Describe your favorite pair of shoes.”

He laughs and crosses his right leg over his left so his scuffed up black leather biker boot is next to my hip. “I don’t know. You’re the writer, how would you describe it?”

I look at the boot. “Well-worn and lived in.”

He nods. “Sounds about right.”

“What do you most fear?”

A solemn look settles on his face and he draws a deep breath before slowly letting it out. “The day Norah figures out she’s way too good for a fucked up bastard like me.”

I don’t let that go, and apparently neither did Norah. Considering I could sense her watching, I do my best impression of Leroy Jethro Gibbs and wallop him a good one upside the back of his head. When he sits up and glares at me, I glare right back. “Do not ever go there. Understood?”

His lips thin and his eyes flash with irritation, but he knows exactly what I’m saying. After a tense few seconds of silence he dips his head and grits out, “Yes, ma’am.”

I can feel Norah’s anger ebb and I know she’s stepped back to allow me to finish the interview. I don’t envy Jake when he gets home tonight…another quirk of being connected to my characters is that sometimes they learn things from me. “If you were reincarnated, what would you like to come back as?”

It was slow returning, but amusement lit Jake’s eyes as he answered. “A pig. From the little messages goin’ around the internet, I hear a pig’s orgasm lasts at least thirty minutes.”

I laugh and stutter out the next question. “If you…if you could be in a different book, which book would it be?”

He seemed to think about it for a minute. “Hmm, considering what I’ve heard from some of the other characters. I’d be curious to see what Lanaan was like or even check out that Halsey club in Regency England that Cole and Anthony keep mentioning.”

I groan thinking of the sci-fi stories and historicals I’ve been kicking around ideas about. Jake in either of those settings would be quite interesting. Instead of giving him an answer, I ask the next to last question. “If your life were a book, what would you prefer the author not tell readers about you?”

He rolled his eyes. “Now, Miss Qwillia. If I didn’t want the author to tell the readers about something, why would I mention it in an interview, hmm?”

I nod my understanding. “True. Seems like a silly thing to do, huh?”

“Especially with you.”

“Last question. Who, living or dead, would be your hero if you have one?”

“Hmmm.” He focused on the grass beneath his boot for long moments. “I don’t rightly know. I’ll have to think on that one ’cuz puttin’ a person up on a pedestal, callin’ ’em a hero, I’m not sure that’s a good thing to do to another person.”

I pause as I write his response, aware that he’s right. In a way. I finish my notes and tuck my notebook back into my tote bag. “Thank you, Jake, for talking with me today.”

He stands up and helps me from the bench. “My pleasure, Miss Qwillia.”

Ever the Southern Gentleman, he walks me back to my truck and waits until I’m settled behind the wheel, the door shut and engine started before moving back to his bike. I watch him shrug on the black leather jacket and collect his helmet from the hard-sided saddlebags.


He turns and looks at me.

“You’re going to have to tell her about that weekend.”

He goes stiff, but waits for me to finish.

“When you were twelve.”

I can see his throat work as he swallows. His knuckles go white with the fierceness of his grip before he nods. “I know.”

I watch him tug on the helmet and straddle the Harley. The engine rumbles to life and as I back out of the parking lot and make my way back toward the highway, he follows me. Watching my back like the hero he is.

**Jake and Norah's story is still in the rough draft stage, so I can't give away their book, but one lucky commenter can win a copy of Santa's Elf. The winner will be announced on Monday, April 23rd.