Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Characters you've known and loved

I’m reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon at the moment. Opinions on these books are bound to vary, but I imagine that most people – most women, anyway – love Jamie Fraser. And I’m no exception. There’s something about the combination of strength and vulnerability that gets me. A tragic, honourable figure who would do anything for those he loves, including teaching his small nephew the fine art of not peeing on his own feet. Cracking wit, smart as hell, always knows what to do…wow. And it doesn’t hurt that he adores the heroine unconditionally. All this, and of course he’s gorgeous, too. What’s not to love?

What makes a hero irresistible? Which characters have touched you and continue to live in your mind after you close the book? What is it about them that gets you?

I ask because I’m developing my next hero, and I’m thinking about what will convey the essence of the man. I’m also about to go on vacation and so this is going to be brief. If you have time, share your thoughts.


  1. On my Kindle list what to read next.Thank you.

  2. The Mackenzie men by Linda Howard (Wolf, Joe, Zane, and Chance, plus Mariss's husband Alex "Mac") always get to me and I reread those books all the time.

  3. After reading the first book of the "Outlander" series, I began listening to them narrated by Davina Porter. I never looked back. They were amazingly written and amazingly read. I'm about read to start all over--except now I've just read Tad Williams' "Caliban's Hour" and want to read everything ever written about this favorite of all Shakespeare's characters.
    All this while I'm trying to finish my second book for young folks and their parents--and grandparents, too. I'll work in a few book, though.Just see if I don't!