Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Brain is About to Explode!

Which is appropriate for Independence Day, I guess, but not so cool when I'm supposed to be posting a blog. Or maybe it is. Candace was nice enough to switch days with me and I promptly froze on what to write. For three solid days I had every intention of getting the post together and getting it up, then "phhttt" nothing, nada, zip, zilch. My mind is blank and I haven't a clue what to say about kink.
My issue, unlike characters, isn't being without words (because lord knows I can talk forever about abso-lute-ly nothing and its cousin, pointless) it is focusing on what to say. Whether I should talk about my characters, my stories, my research, heck, even my recent obsession with making homemade jam and how, in my mind, it reflects elements of the lifestyle -- the preparation for a scene, the establishment of a safe word or action, and the satisfactory conclusion (bet you never thought of jam making that way, huh?)
So, I'm keeping it short and sweet today. Here in the United States, we're celebrating our Independence from Great Britain, the establishment of our country, and we do it with fireworks as a symbol of the battles fought for our freedom. In my books, my characters celebrate their alternate lifestyles and the respect from their peers and loved ones, kinda appropriate, I think.
If you're in the US, enjoy the fireworks and picnics. And for those outside the US, have a wonderful day!

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