Friday, July 20, 2012

On Vacation

I have temporarily stepped out to enjoy some time away, which is interesting because it's not like I don't take my work with me. As a writer I always have the ideas buzzing in my head so a vacation doesn't necessarily equate a rest from my day job.
But at least on this vacation, because I actually planned it, I can just chill. Relax. Kick back. I can hit a movie with my friends. Go to the mall. Surf the Web for research. No need to be anywhere at any specific time.
Which got me to thinking...and that can be a very bad thing...what kind of things would an individual or a couple in the lifestyle take into consideration when going on vacation? Would they select their destination based on the clubs available in the area? Or maybe they'd choose a location for more voyeuristic reasons -- you know, a place to watch and be watched. Perhaps, an event is the draw, like the World Series, Super Bowl, or LeatherFet.
I have to admit, I still kick myself for not taking the time while I was in New Orleans to visit a club I'd heard about there, but that particular trip was for business not fun.
I'd love to know how others plan their vacations, maybe it'll help me be a bit more organized for my next one.