Friday, July 6, 2012

Pleasure and Plain – different sides of the same coin

For me, most pleasure and pain are merely sensations – neither good or bad, just different kinds of input. I’ve tried to explain this numerous times, but one of my characters managed to explain it better than I’ve been able to, which is bizarre, since I wrote what my character said... but I guess that’s the way it works out sometimes. Here’s a short excerpt from Safeword: Davenport.

When her arousal level was manageable again, she looked at Zach and said, “The line between pleasure and pain is so narrow, sometimes you can’t tell them apart.”
He shook his head, smiling. “I’ll have to take your word for it; I’ve never had that particular problem.”
“Maybe you haven’t taken either to extreme? Think of it as the face of a clock. Imagine the six, pointing down, is no feeling at all. A three is what most people consider intensely pleasurable, and a nine is what the majority would deem exceptionally painful.”
She paused, letting it sink in, and he said, “So what’s twelve?”
Smiling, pleased he saw where she was heading, she said. “Let’s go back to three and nine – if you can power past either of them, the closer you get to twelve the more bleed-over there is from the other side. So when you’re at five minutes after the top of the hour, which is way beyond normal pleasure, there’s a touch of pain involved. When you’re at five minutes till, it’s agony beyond comprehension, with a little bliss mixed in. If you can power past pleasure you get to pain, and if you can endeavor beyond pain you eventually get to nirvana. At twelve exactly, it’s merely sensation, you can’t tell which you’re feeling. It’s both, but neither. If you’re played just right you can hover between pleasure and pain… No, on top of them, or maybe swimming in both. Yeah, awash in them – feeling every extreme of bliss and agony at the same time.”
Jacob looked up. “That’s perfect. I’d never thought of it that way, but you’re right.” He looked over at Zach. “Just after you come, when your dick is super-sensitive and it hurts to touch? That’s sort of what she’s talking about, when it feels so good it’s a little painful.”

Do the lines of pain and pleasure merge for you?

If you want a more titillating excerpt, you can go here, where I give a more carnal example of the fuzzy line between pain and bliss.

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  1. That sounds interesting, Candace. I'd never thought of it that way, but there's such a fine line between the two. I have to admit my limited experience has shown me I find pain compelling.