Thursday, July 26, 2012

The allure of being shared

I have a long standing fantasy, one I've experienced a few times in my sexual journeys. It's the fantasy of being loaned out to another person temporarily as an object for sex.

I often wonder about the source of this desire. It doesn't seem "normal" to want to go off with what might be an unappealing or unattractive stranger at the behest of your partner. Aren't we supposed to be possessive of our partners? If you're shared by your partner, doesn't that mean they must not love you very much?

In the kink world, no. I've been shared exactly three times. Each time it was with a friend of my partner at the time. In one case, I knew the friend well. In the next case, I knew him only vaguely, and in the last case, it was someone I'd never clapped eyes on before, and somehow that was the sexiest encounter of all.

I suppose it's the fact that, in being shared with someone you don't even know, you truly become a sexual commodity, a gift to be given by your "owner" "master" "whatever", at will. As such, you perceive yourself to have a certain value. After all, your top wouldn't give you to someone else to enjoy if he didn't think they would enjoy you. My partners stayed to watch me in all three cases, and that's hot too, because in a way I wasn't just serving the third party, but my partner's pleasure too. It would have been just as hot to be sent off without my partner. Well, probably hotter, but I can see why they would want to stay, if only for the visual candy.

Another really nice aspect of being shared is when you return to your own partner. Best case scenario, there is a lot of "good girl" and "I'm proud of you" and a reward if you pleased the other party. What could be hotter than pleasing your top and being rewarded for it? Need I explain the type of "rewards" I'm talking about?

There's a lot of sharing in my books. It's never as punishment or for humiliation, but more of a pride thing. Isn't my submissive/slave wonderful? Would you like to have a go? But I'll want her back of course, so take care. In Mercy, Deep in the Woods, Fortune, Cirque du Minuit, Comfort Object, and Odalisque, the sharing is just a short term thing. In Club Mephisto and Molly's Lips, it's a whole week away. In Burn for You and Owning Wednesday, the bottoms aren't just shared...they're passed on to another--in a loving way of course.

I know it's not for everyone, but there's something about acting as "sexual currency" that is hot and kinky, and yet very safe and affectionate if you're in the right hands. It's an edgy type of play but if you are with trusted partners, it can be very fulfilling too.


  1. To actually indulge in a fantasy is the ultimate fantasy. Great post, Annabel!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cara! I love your books!

  2. it is one of my fantasies which would probably never happen.But never say never.If i didn't fantasy I would have to brain dead.Thank you for this post,something to think about:)