Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The subtle signs of power differential

My last blog was about the M/s conference, and Basia Rose asked to hear more about the subtle signs of power differential that I saw there. I agree; the small things get me, too!

The doms moved more freely, it seems to me. Not surprisingly, the subs – or slaves – were just that much more circumspect. (Of course, tight corsets and posture collars will do that to you.) They moved with reference to the person next to them; a little behind, perhaps.

Sitting in workshops, I’d watch a quiet arm move around a companion’s shoulders and take hold of a ponytail. In the bar there were slaves sitting on the floor next to chairs; just once I think I saw the motion of an eye that put one there.

Raven Kaldera and Slave Joshua were the most out in the open. The hand I mentioned last time, catching his slave hard by the wrist when he was about to raise his hand, was Raven’s. During one of their presentations they talked about their experiments with internal enslavement, and Raven mentioned that he did things to enhance his slave’s sense that he was helpless to disobey, one of them being grabbing Joshua’s face by the jaw. He casually demonstrated as he said this, and I swear Joshua went into subspace in the blink of an eye. You know that look? In one instant he had it. They were both companionable, mutually respectful and highly articulate. But one of them was absolutely in charge.

That’s all for today, folks – sorry, got to run. Let me know if you’ve seen some of your own subtle signs – or would like to.