Thursday, October 4, 2012

Battle of the Kink Levels...or Finding a Book that Hits Your Sweet Spot

BDSM erotic and romance authors have always struggled with a problem. How hard, or soft, should I go?

When you join your local BDSM scene, there's a process to figuring out who plays the way you play, who plays hardcore, who plays softcore, and who's just there to watch. I think it's not that different in the community of BDSM readers. As new readers flock to BDSM fiction due to "gateway" books like Fifty Shades of Grey, even more confusion is added to the mix. All doms aren't like Christian Grey; all subs aren't like Anastasia Steele. What constitutes hot BDSM play is different for everyone.

How are readers to find the BDSM books that hit their sweet spot, especially when it comes to things like level of pain, degree of consensuality, and the balance of romance versus down 'n' dirty power exchange?

WELL! Lucky for you I have developed a simple classification system called the Mild-to-WTF BDSM Romance Rubric. I can't seem to make it post any bigger in Blogger...if it's hard to read you might download it and blow it up in your picture viewer. (Edited...someone told me that doesn't work either. Sorry, I tried...)

See, it's not that complicated. I hope this will make it easier for you to find the books that hit your "sweet spot." :-)


  1. Brilliant! It would appear I'm a "Suck me, bitch." Kinda reader lmao!

    Annabel, your posts rock every time!


  2. Please tell me there aren't any real barbed wire floggers. I want to say it's a joke, but the internet has me jaded and disillusioned. ;)

  3. JD, I'm sorry to say there are such things as barbed wire floggers... I saw one on Fetlife! Yes, it looked scary and yes someone actually used it on their masochist partner. they were bleeding...obviously...ack.

    I'm a masochist...but I'm not a WTF masochist, lol.

    @Helen and Bonnie, Thanks!

  4. Loved this! You should give some author suggesting for all the different levels :)