Thursday, November 1, 2012's release week...

Hi All!

Sorry I don't have some great words of wisdom to share with the kinky universe today. My newest book came out yesterday and I'm frazzled to pieces!

But I wanted to post a link and a blurb for those of you who have read the first three books in my Comfort series. Here's the fourth one, Command Performance!

Mason Cooke has it all: fame, wealth, and a wildly successful film career–until tales of his kinky exploits break wide. An anonymous source describes swinging parties, a secret BDSM club, and lurid kink activities, outing his friends and naming Mason as the ringleader of the raunchy cabal. Overnight, he’s embroiled in a public relations nightmare, his ex-wife Jessamine’s silence feeding the flames. To save his stock as a top Hollywood actor, he needs emergency image repair.
Enter Miri Durand, a former child actress once known for her shiny blonde curls and sitcom antics. She’s all grown up now, acting a small but edgy role in his latest film. Mason squires her around town in an attempt to sanitize his image, only to discover there’s more to Miri than her girl-next-door smile. Their relationship of convenience soon transforms into something deeper and more authentic. They hide away in his Malibu mansion, burning up the sheets and acting out their deepest fantasies. It’s no longer about the PR–Mason and Miri realize they’re falling in love.
But the Hollywood odds are stacked against them. Between career conflicts, family problems, a meddling ex-wife, and a media onslaught that just won’t quit, the couple become confused about what’s true in their fledgling relationship and what’s just for show. For Mason and Miri, what began as a command performance becomes a poignant struggle to understand the real-life complexity of their love.
I hope you'll put it on your reading list. You can learn more about my other Comfort series books (Comfort Object, Caressa's Knees, and Odalisque) at my blog. Just click the Books tab!